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Area Map #24    Miles of Shoreline: 22     Lake Surface Acres: 3000 Elevation: 6743’ Address: 40524 Lakeview Drive Big Bear Lake, CA 92315    Ph: 909 866-5796  

PCanoing Big Bear Lakeaddle Notes: Big Bear Lake is the ideal kayaking, SUP paddling, kayak fishing and camping get-away for visitors that want to explore nature and have a unique mountain experience.

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 The breathtaking scenery will help relax the mind and soul of all who take time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Big Bear Lake. Big Bear Lake provides stunning scenery, and year-round outdoor recreational activities that will satisfy the entire family.

From kayak fishing and SUP paddling to snowshoeing and skiing, this area is a wonderland of activity that will satisfy many outdoor enthusiasts. Big Bear Lake is a very popular summer and winter vacation spot, which means boat congestion on the summer weekends.

There are two free public boat launches. The Duane Boyer public boat launch is located on the northwestern shore of the lake at 38925 North Shore Drive, one-half mile west of the town of Fawnskin. The other free public boat launch, MWD East, is located on the northeastern end of the lake, a-quarter-of-a-mile west of the Stanfield cutoff at 41911 North Shore Drive.

Kayak Fishing: After some time spent paddling around the shores of Big Bear Lake, it is time to unwind and fish. Anglers will find plenty of opportunity to catch rainbow trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, crappie, and bluegill. Rainbow trout is the most sought after fish at Big Bear Lake with bass running a close second. Other species of fish taken here include carp, crappie, largemouth bass, catfish and bluegill. Many kayak anglers have had success trolling for trout along the shoreline, which is also the safest place to paddle on the lake, due to the abundance of watercraft this destination receives in the summer. SUP Boarding Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is one of the most popular trout kayak fishing lakes in California. After the first major warm spell in spring, look to the east end of the lake near the Stanfield cut-off for early season action. This is the shallowest section of the lake and is where the water will warm up first in the spring.

Yearly the Department of Fish and Game stocks the lake with 38,000 rainbows in the 10 to 11 inch range and over 75,000 rainbows in the 7 to 8 inch range, along with 150,000 fingerlings. The Fishing Association of Big Bear Lake also stocks the lake each year and sponsors the May Trout Classic.

Wind & Weather Conditions: The average summer daytime high air temperature is in the mid-70s. Summer storms causing flash floods with lightning are a common occurrence in the summer especially in the month of August. In the winter, Big Bear Lake turns into a land of winter recreational activity. During the winter the lake’s water surface can freeze over. It usually begins to snow in this area by the first of November and melts by the end of May. Weather Conditions Ph: 909 866-7623

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 47 48 51 58 66 76 81 79 74 63 64 048
Low 21 22 24 28 34 61 47 46 41 32 25 21

Terrain: One of Big Bear's biggest attractions is the lake itself, offering 22 miles of shoreline to be explored. If you enjoy waterskiing a power boat is a must or if you prefer to slow it down a bit paddle around the emerald-lined shores in a kayak or canoe. As you paddle, keep your eyes peeled for bears and other critters within the boundaries of the surrounding forest. This high elevation mountain lake, encompassed by a dense aspen forest, has homes along the shoreline on the southern side of the lake.

Open: Big Bear Lake is open daily all year for boating except when the lake is frozen over during the winter. The public boat launches are open from April 1st to November 30th. Night boating is permitted with running lights. The maximum boat length allowed on Big Bear Lake is twenty-six feet. Boats less than twelve feet in length must stay between the 5 m.p.h. buoys around the perimeter of the lake and the shoreline.

Big Bear Lake has a 35 m.p.h. boat speed limit except within the 5 m.p.h. buoy zones. Kayaks and canoes must carry type I, II, III or V wearable flotation devices for each person and obtain a daily use permit available at most marinas, and public boat launches. All kayaks and canoes must be clean and dry and undergo a mandatory inspection for Quagga Mussels. Boats that fail will not be permitted to launch.

Fees: There are free boat launch accesses at the two public boat launches. Boating permits are required for a fee. The campground charges a fee to camp and for pets.

Kayak Fishing Big Bear lakeLake Facilities: There are jet and waterskiing, fishing, windsurfing, SUP paddling, swimming, sailing, power boating, hiking and bicycling trails, a snack bar, boat rentals, and two free public boat launches.

Directions: From Silverwood Lake, take Highway 138 east nine miles to Highway 18 east twenty-seven miles. Turn left on Highway 38, North Shore Drive. The Duane Boyer public boat launch is located about one mile down on the right on Highway 38. Map




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