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Big Lagoon

kayaking big lagoon

Photo Credit  Sam Mills 

Big Lagoon Canoe, Kayak, SUP & Kayak Fishing Information

With the Pacific surf pounding just 100 yards away, you can paddle around in safety in Big Lagoon. The gorgeous backdrop scenery provides a premium paddling experience you don’t want to miss. Located about seven miles north of Trinidad on the coast of Northern California away from the hustle and bustle of civilization lies Big Lagoon. The lagoon was completely void of any kind of boats and park visitors when I paddled here.

Big Lagoon is a great place to kayak and enjoy the scenery.  The harmonious atmosphere provides a tranquil paddle throughout numerous secluded coves on the eastern shore. The mind-blowing array of scenic sights is a remarkable aspect of this unforgettably beautiful coastal lagoon.

Kayak Fishing Big Lagoon

Big Lagoon is known to be one of the cleanest and least crowded beaches in all of California. In shallow areas of the lagoon, particularly near the boat ramp, the water temperature is quite pleasant for swimming. The lagoon’s marshy habitat is an important rest stop for migratory birds on the Pacific flyway.

A dense timbered shore flanks white sandy beaches along the eastern shore. Big Lagoon is similar to other coastal features of northern California including Humboldt Bay to the south and Lake Earl to the north. At the present lagoon level, the sand bar normally separates the lagoon from the ocean during summer months.

 Big Lagoon doesn’t get many anglers, (or paddlers), even in the summertime, even though is a great fishing spot for cutthroat trout. When the sandbar is breached by high water flows, trout enter into the lagoon and remain in the lagoon year-round, providing ideal trout kayak fishing opportunities. The lagoon’s rich waters allow for fast growth of the stocked cutthroat, and they may resume stocking coastal cutthroat trout from wild brood source in the near future.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 55 56 56 57 60 62 62 64 64 61 58 55
Low 41 42 42 44 48 51 53 53 51 48 44 41

Open: Camping and boating is allowed all year, seven days a week. Day use is permitted from sunrise to sunset. Boats must be off of the water one-half hour before sunset. The boat speed limit is 5 m.p.h.

Fees: There is a fee to camp and for day use. The Best Places to Kayak in California Guide Book

Facilities: There are a boat launch, windsurfing, swimming, boating, (small boats only), hiking trails and guided tours. Jet and waterskiing are not allowed.





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