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Area Map #21 Miles of Shoreline: 21.8 Reservoir Surface Acres: 4500 Elevation: 1737’ Address: 2615 Angler Avenue Hemet, CA 92545       Ph: 951 926-7201   

Paddle Notes: Diamond Valley Reservoir, located near Hemet, was created by building long dams at the mouths of two valleys that drain off the north end of Black Mountain. The dams block off the Diamond and Domenigoni valleys to create the largest reservoir ikayak Fishing Diamond Valley Reservoirn Southern California,. Its capacity is more than six times that of Lake Perris.

Diamond Valley Reservoir can handle about 300 boats at one time but with ongoing drought and lack of recreational development, it rarely reaches that traffic level. Swimming and personal watercrafts are not allowed on Diamond Valley Reservoir.

I missed the reservoir access road when I first went here. I actually drove past it a couple of times.  The wind was howling at 8:00 a.m. and the heat was horrific and it was only the beginning of the day.  I was almost blown over trying to take a photo. There was very little in the way of shade or a picnic area. This lake reminds me of Lake Elsinore, except Lake Elsinore has more scenery. It doesn't offer much in the way of scenery to enjoy around its 21 miles of shoreline. Hiking and biking is another way to enjoy lake and mountain vistas of Diamond Valley Reservoir but start early, and bring plenty of water.

Kayak Fishing: Chances are that if you are heading to Diamond Valley Reservoir, you are doing so to fish. The Department of Fish and Game started stocking the reservoir with the best largemouth bass as soon as the reservoir was deep enough to support the fish.

Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet was opened in late 2003 after a massive construction effort to build three dams enclosing two mountain ranges. What was once a huge cattle ranch is now an angler’s paradise covering 4,500 surface acres and more than 21 miles of varied shoreline.  The reservoir spans more than kayaking diamond valley lake4 miles in length and 2 miles in width, can handle hundreds of additional boats and fishing pressure.

The reservoir opened to fishing in October 2003. Growth of lake fish populations has been unmatched so Diamond Valley Reservoir has quickly become a premier fishing spot for bass and trout in Southern California. In addition to largemouth bass and rainbow trout, the reservoir is home to blue gill, catfish, crappie, pan fish, smallmouth bass, and striped bass.

The record largemouth bass, reeled in back in 2007, weighed in at more than sixteen pounds. If you area hoping to catch a rainbow trout you can bank on a six-to-ten-pound fish.

Wind & Weather Conditions: The reservoir provides a reliable supply of water to the eighteen million people in Southern California. No water body contact is allowed. Temperature in the early spring are in the 60’s in the morning and rising to the high 80’s in the afternoon. There is a lack of shade, and trees around the reservoir, and in the launch area to escape the scorching sun, when the temperature soars into the upper 90s and low 100s during the summer months.  The drought in California has effected Diamon Valley Lake's water level which is at 49% of its water level capacity, but there is still plenty of water to kayak as of July 2015. Call before departing for current water level conditions.

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