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Donner Lake        

kayaking Donner Lake
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Donner Lake Kayak, Canoe, SUP & Kayak Fishing Information

Donner Lake's sparkling blue water and seven-and-a-half miles of shoreline provides ideal paddling opportunities. Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada, Donner Lake offers opportunities for camping, picnicking, boating, fishing, water and jet skiing, and hiking. Donner Lake Memorial Park has about 2.5 miles  of hiking trails.

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 Donner Lake provides all types of aquatic recreational activities, which in turn makes it an extremely popular summer destination. If you want to avoid the crowds and boat congestion, (especially on the weekend during the summertime), paddle before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. 

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 40 42 45 52 61 71 79 79 72 62 47 40
Low 14 17 21 25 31 37 41 41 45 28 21 15

Open: The campground is closed from October 13th to May 24th. The lake is open daily year-round for boating, unless the water surface is frozen over. There is a 35 m.p.h. speed limit during the day. Between sunset and sunrise the speed limit drops to 10 limit governs boat traffic near beaches and other public areas. Watch for submerged boulders just east of China Cove. Boat inspections to prevent the spread of invasive species to Donner Lake are recommended before launching.

Fees: There are fees to launch, to camp, for day use, but no pet fee.

Lake Facilities: The facilities include, swimming, sailing, power boating, jet and waterskiing, windsurfing, fishing, hiking and bicycling trails, boat rentals (including kayaks and canoes), a boat launch, a hand launch access from the day use area, and a grocery store. Leashed pets are allowed but not on the beach.

 kayaking Donner Lake

Donner Lake public launch ramp is located at 15511 Donner Pass Road at the northwest corner of the lake. The ramp is open 24 hours a day. (530) 582-7720 There is a fee to launch and park.
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Small boats and kayaks can be hand launched at Shoreline Park, mid-way along the north shore of Donner Lake. The marina is located at the west end of Donner Lake, just off Interstate 80.





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