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Alamitos Bay
Albion River
Almanor, Lake
Alpine Lake
Amador, Lake
American River
Anderson Lake
Antelope Lake
Arcata Bay
Angel Island
Aqua Hedionda Lagoon

Balboa, Lake

Barrett Lake
Bass Lake
Baum Lake
Benbow Lake
Berryessa, Lake
Bethany Reservoir
Big Bear Lake
Big Lagoon
Big Lake
Big Reservoir
Big River
Black Butte Lake
Blue Lake - Nevada City
Blue Lakes-Carson Pass
Blue Lakes-Lake County
Blue Lake -Lassen County
Boca Reservoir
Bodega Bay
Bowman Lake
Bridgeport Reservoir
Britton, Lake
Bucks Lake
Butt Valley Reservoir
Butte Lake  

Cabrillo Beach
Cachuma Lake
Calero Reservoir
Camanche, Lake
Camp Far West Reservoir
Caples Lake
Cascade Lake
Casitas, Lake
Castaic Lake
Castaic  Lagoon
Castle Lake
Chabot, Lake
Channel Island Harbor
Cherry Lake
Clear Lake - Modoc County
Clear Lake
Clementine, Lake
Collins Lake
Cosumnes River
Convict Lake
Copco Lake
Courtright Reservoir
Coyote Lake
Crowley Lake
Crystal Lake
Cuyamaca Lake

Dana Point Harbor
Davis, Lake
Del Valle, Lake
Diamond Valley Lake
Don Pedro Lake
Donner Lake
Drakes Estero

Eagle Lake
Earl, Lake
East Park Reservoir
Eastman Lake
Echo Lakes
El Capitan Lake
Elizabeth Lake
Elkhorn Slough
Ellery Lake
Elsinore, Lake
Englebright Reservoir
Estero Americano
Evans, Lake

Fall River Lake
Fallen Leaf Lake
Faucherie Lake
Fay Slough
Feather River
Florence Lake
Folsom Lake
Frenchman Reservoir.
French Meadows Reservoir
Fresh Water Slough

George, Lake
Gold Lake
Goose Lake
Goose Lake - Modoc County
Grant Lake
Green Valley Lake
Gregory, Lake
Gull Lake
Haven Lake
Hell Hole Reservoir
Hemet Lake
Hennessey Lake
Hensley Lake
Highland Lakes
Hodges, Lake
Hookton Slough
Huges, Lake
Humboldt Bay
Huntington Harbor
Huntington Lake
Ice House Reservoir
Indian Creek Reservoir
Indian Valley Reservoir
Iron Canyon Reservoir
Iron Gate Reservoir
Irvine Lake
Isabella, Lake

Jackson Meadows Reservoir
Jenkinson Lake
June Lake
Juniper Lake

Klamath River
Kaweah, Lake
Kelly Lake
Kerckhoff Reservoir
Keswick Reservoir
Kidd Lake
King Harbor
Kirkwood Lake

Lafayette Reservoir
Laguna d e Santa Rosa
Lake Valley Reservoir
LA River
Lewiston Lake
Little Grass Valley Reservoir
Loch Lomond
Lodi Lake
Loon Lake
Lopez Lake
Los Banos Creek Reservoir
Lower Bear River Reservoir
Lower Klamath Lake
Lower Otay Lake
Lower Owens River
Lower Salmon Lake
Lower Sardine Lake
Lundy Lake


Mad RIver Slough
Mamie, Lake
Mammoth Pool Reservoir
Manzanita, Lake
Marina del Rey Harbor
Mary, Lake
McCloud, Lake
McClure, Lake
McSwain, Lake
Medicine Lake
Mendocino, Lake
Merced River
Millerton Lake
Ming Lake
Miramar, Lake
Mission Bay
Modesto Reservoir
Mokelumne River
Mono Lake
Monterey Bay
Morena, Lake
Morro Bay
Mountain Meadows Reservoir
Murray, Lake

Nacimiento, Lake
Napa River
Navarro River
Natoma, Lake
New Bullards Bar Reservoir
New Hogan Lake
New Melones Lake
Newport Harbor
North Lake
Noyo River

Oceanside Harbor
O'Neil Forebay
Oroville, Lake

Packer Lake
Pardee Reservoir
Perris, Lake
Petaluma RIver
Pillsbury, Lake
Pineflat Lake
Piru, Lake
Prosser Creek Reservoir
Puddingstone Reservoir
Pyramid Lake

Red Lake
Redinger Lake
Richardson Bay
Rock Creek Lake
Rollins Lake
Round Valley Reservoir
Russian River
Ruth Lake
Ryan's Slough

Sabrina Lake
Sacramento River
Salton Sea
San Antonio Lake
San Diego Harbor
San Francisco Bay
San Joaquin River
San Justo Reservoir
San Luis Reservoir
San Pablo Bay
San Pablo Reservoir
San Vicente Reservoir
Santa Barbara Harbor
Santa Cruz Harbor
Santa fe Dam
Santa Margarita Lake
Scotts Flat Reservoir
Serene Lakes
Shasta Lake
Shastina, Lake
Shaver Lake
Silver Lake-Bucks Lake Silver Lake-Carson Pass Silver Lake - June Lakes Loop
Silverwood   Lake
Siskiyou, Lake
Skinner, Lake
Slab Creek Reservoir
Sly Creek Reservoir
Smith Lake
Snag Lake
Snake Lake
Solano, Lake
Sonoma Lake
South Lake
Spaulding Lake
Spcer Meadows Reservoir
Spring Lake
Stampede Reservoir
Stone Lagoon
Stony Gorge Reservoir
Stumpy Meadows Reservoir
Success Lake
Sugar Pine Reservoir
Suisun Bay
Sutherland Lake

Tahoe, Lake (Baldwin Beach ,Emerald Bay & Meek Bay)
Talawa, Lake
Tenaya Lake
Thomas Edison Lake
Tomales Bay
Topaz Lake
Trinity Lake
Tulloch Reservoir
Turlock Lake
Twin Lakes (Bridgeport)
Twin Lakes (Mammoth Lakes)

Union Reservoir
Union Valley Reservoir
Utica Reservoir

Ventura Harbor
Virginia Lakes


Walker Creek

Ward Lake
Webb, Lake
Webber Lake
West Valley Reservoir
Whiskeytown Reservoir
Wishon Reservoir
Wohlford, Lake
Woods Lake
Woodward Reservoir
Wrights Lake

Yosemite Lake

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