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Lafayette Reservoirkayaking Lafayette ReservoirLafayette Reservoir Kayak, Canoe, & Kayak Fishing Information

Notice: Harmful algae present in Lafayette Reservoir as of 4-4-2018.

Lafayette Reservoir offers some of the finest paddling opportunities in Contra Costa County. To prevent the destructive mussels from potentiakaya fishing lafayette Reservoirlly shutting down the water delivery system, EBMUD will severely restrict boating on its reservoirs. It will turn away all boats from outside of California, southern California and those from nearby San Benito and Santa Clara counties.

NOTE  If your vessel is coming from an area of high risk it will not be allowed to launch in EBMUD reservoirs. Vessels will fail the vessel history survey and not be allowed to launch for the following reasons:
• The vessel comes from a high risk area. High risk areas are defined as the general areas where positive identification of one of the mussel species has been documented. At this time, this includes all counties of Southern California and all vessels from outside of California. County of origin is determined by vessel registration documents.
• Vessels having been launched on waters in the high risk areas (see above) within the past 30 days will also not be allowed to launch.
• Boat operator fails to comply with any aspect of the inspection process. Quagga mussel inspection.

Kayak Fishing: Kayak fishing is allowed at Lafayette Reservoir. The State Department of Fish and Game plants 40,000 trout each year. In addition, there are outstanding fishing opportunities for bluegill, black bass, black crappie and several kinds of catfish. CAUTION: Elevated levels of mercury and PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls) have been detected in fish caught here.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 58 61 63 67 69 73 75 76 76 73 65 59
Low 42 43 44 48 49 53 54 55 55 52 45 46

Open: The reservoir is open daily all year for boating, from sunrise to one-half hour before sunset. Only electric motors are allowed. The boat speed limit is 5 m.p.h.

Fees: There is a day use fee, and a boat registration fee. The campground charges a fee to camp.

The Best Places to Kayak in California Guide BookReservoir Facilities: There is fishing, sailing, bicycling, self-guided hiking trails, a visitors center, picnic tables, flush toilets, water, car top boats and boat rentals. No body water contact. Windsurfing, swimming, SUP boarding,  jet and waterskiing are not permitted. 

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