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Lake  Manzanita

kayaking lake manzanitaLake Manzanita Kayak, Canoe, SUP & Kayak Fishing Information

 I stumbled upon Lake Manzanita by pure accident. In fact, I was temporarily misplaced at the time. Manzanita Lake is almost completely hidden from the roadway by overgrown vegetation and trees. This tiny little lake conveniently situated a few miles south of Bass Lake was so exquisite, I stopped my car, backed up, pulled out my camera, unloaded my kayak and to took a quick paddle around its grassy shoreline.

 Lake Manzanita was a welcome change of pace after having just come from the noise, boat traffic and crowd at Bass Lake. If I had not already planned to go to another destination, I would have spent the entire day floating around, basking in the sun on the quiet mirror-like water surface of this stunningly beautiful little lake. It is an ideal destination, for relaxing while fishing on the water. The stream that feeds into Lake Manzanita provides an upstream paddle that gives you a bit of a workout.

Although not numerous, Lake Manzanita has had a few trophy size rainbow trout taken here. Other species of fish include a few brown and brook trout. The lake can be fished from shore because it is so small, but is better fished from a kayak while floating around on its peaceful waters. The California Department of Fish and Game stocks fish in the lake.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 47 53 57 65 72 62 90 91 84 73 57 48
Low 28 30 33 37 43 50 55 55 49 41 32 27

Open: Lake Manzanita is open daily all year for boating from sunrise to sunset. The access to Manzanita Lake via paved County Road 222 is open all year. The boat speed limit on Lake Manzanita is not any faster than you can paddle at a snails pace or else you will have completed paddling the lake under a few minutes. Boats with motors are not allowed.

Fees: There aren’t any day use or launch fees at Lake Manzanita.

LThe Best Places to Kayak in California Guide Bookake Facilities: There’s a small boat launch, and pit toilets, fishing and windsurfing are permitted but boats with motors are not allowed on Lake Manzanita. There's a tiny parking area. If you're carrying a canoe or kayak you'll need to portage it across the picnic area to the small launch area. In the summer months fire danger can be a concern. Call the Bass Lake Ranger District office to check for forest fires before departing.




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