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Lower Sardine Lake

Kayaking Lower Sardine lake
Photo Credit Gary Hobgood

Lower Sardine Lake Kayak, Canoe, SUP & Kayak Fishing Information

 Dramatic mountain peaks tower above Lower Sardine Lake, a small Lower Sardine Lake Kayakingtranquil mountain lake located at 6218’ feet elevation. Its breathtaking shoreline is encompassed by an alpine wonderland which provides a short but pleasant one-mile paddle.  The lake is located  an area renowned for paddling, kayak fishing, and  hiking opportunities.

Wildflowers, scenic beauty soaring eagles otter and a variety of other wildlife are just a few of the reasons why Lower Sardine Lake is a perfect paddling getaway. Lower Sardine Lake has a quiet quality to it, yet it is the most crowded lake in the Lakes Basin Recreation Area.

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This destination is an ideal retreat  for individuals who enjoy paddling numerous small lakes in a day or for those who enjoy paddling beautiful scenery for as far as the eyes can see. A small campground with closely spaced campsites is located within a short walking distance from the lake. Upper Sardine Lake is only accessible by portaging your boat. Lower Sardine Lake Kayak Fishing

Photo Credit Marty Meading

Kayak Fishing: The Department of Fish and Game plants Lower Sardine Lake with 20,000 catchable rainbows and brook trout and with 10,000 mackinaw fingerlings each year. May is the best time of year to fish for the mackinaw right after the ice on the lake’s water surface has melted. This lake is well-suited for novice kayak angler’s due to its peaceful waters and small size. There are active bears in the areas so use caution when fishing from along the shore.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 48 50 54 60 69 78 85 85 80 69 54 46
Low 39 30 32 35 41 47 53 52 48 41 33 29

Open: Lower Sardine Lake campground is open from early June to mid-October depending on the weather and level of snowfall. The lake remains open all year, weather permitting, though the lake’s water surface freezes over during cold winters.

Fees: There isn’t any fee for day use or to launch, but here is a fee to camp.

LThe Best Places to Kayak in California Guide Bookake Facilities: There is a small marina, a boat launch, boat rentals, fishing,  hiking and horseback riding trails. Swimming is not allowed in Lower Sardine Lake as it is designated a premium fishing lake by the County of Sierra. There is a 5MPH speed limit on the lake.


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