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Mission Bay                     

Kayaking Mission Bay  Photo Credit GI Brannock

Mission Bay Kayak, Canoe, SUP & Kayak Fishing Information

The vast, blue waters of Mission Bay make for an enjoyable kayaking experience. One of the highlights includes  Sea World  located in the southeast quadrant of Mission Bay. ThKayak Fishing GI Brannocke park at Mission Bay is like an aquatic playground, with a network of waterways and inlets, which is why kayaking is the best way to explore Mission Bay. 

The park is divided up into many different sections that each have notable features. The bay is home to many species of birds, fish and other animals and has a nature reserve at its northern end, near Crown Point.

 If you plan on paddling the entire circumference of this rather large, wide, beautiful bay, pace yourself in case the wind picks up. Also, be sure to watch out for boat traffic when paddling across the main body of water to reach one of the islands located in the bay.

This commercialized environment offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities and tourist attractions for the entire family. There are a number of rental facilities around the bay for bicycles and many marinas rent a full range of watercraft, including kayaks, jet skis, and windsurf boards.

Camping Mission Bay

 If you want to catch hordes of fish, go to Mission Bay, but be sure to plan your arrival early. Fishing from your kayak is allowed throughout the entire bay, except in areas designated for swimming, waterskiing and personal watercraft use, (including launching and landing zones). The bay offers a variety of fishing species including perch, smelt, and occasionally you’ll snag a halibut, barracuda and bonito inside of the bay.

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The Best Places to Kayak in California Guide BookOpen: Mission Bay is open seven days a week year-round. Boating is allowed twenty-four hours a day, with running lights at night. There is a 5 m.p.h. boat speed limit in the northern bay and on the entire bay after sunset

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