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New Melones Lake         

Kayaking New Melones Lake 
Photo Credit Etsuko Stone

 New Melones Lake is located in Calaveras County in Angels Camp. Outdoor lovers come from all over California to kayak  at New Melones Lake.. Paddling  enthusiasts who visit here will most likely have thelake to themselves, with the exception of an occasional jet and waterskiers whizzing by.  The Glokayaking New Melones Lakery Hole launch area is more suited for novice paddlers. There are several smaller sized arms to explore that also provide a scenic paddle.

 New Melones Lake is the fourth largest man-made lake in California, behind Oroville, Shasta, and Trinity. It is so huge, it was rather intimating at first glance.   Kayakers can  explore the abundance of inlets, and secluded  picturesque coves.

 The configuration of the lake, its sheer size and its many fingers and arms, insures that skiers and anglers can share the water without crowding one another, as happens on so many other bodies of water.

 New Melones Lake provides year-round fishing opportunities and is home to a healthy population of kokanee salmon, rainbow and brown trout, small and largemouth, spotted and red eye bass with numerous amounts of crappie, bluegill and catfish as well.

During the spring through fall your best action is fishing for bass and catfish, which can reach the 30 pound range. The kokanee salmon averaging 18 inches are thriving far beyond anyone’s expectations, along with big brown trout trailing not too far behind, but the lake’s clear water and abundance of brush cover throughout the shoreline can make tough fishing conditions here.

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