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Stumpy Meadows Reservoir

kayaking stumpy Meadows ReserovirStumpy Meadows Reservoir Kayak, Canoe, SUP & Kayak Fishing Information

 Experience the thrill of flat water paddling at this remote mountain reservoir, located in Stumpy meadows Reservoir Kayak Fishingthe Eldorado National Forest at 4260’ feet elevation where you can avoid the crowds and boat congestion. If you want to paddle in a secluded area with breathtaking scenery, Stumpy Meadows Reservoir is the place to go.

The 5 m.p.h. boat speed limit on the entire reservoir provides superb paddling conditions. This gorgeous natural reservoir nestled in a mountain setting has only one boat launch located on the western shore.

Stumpy Meadows Reservoir doesn’t get a lot of fishing pressure due to its out of the way location. It also provides some pretty good brown and rainbow trout action in a peaceful tmosphere due to its 5 m.p.h. boat speed limit, which makes it an ideal destination to paddle and fish. The reservoir is planted yearly with 16,000 rainbows and 2,000 brown trout in the 10 to 12 inch class, along with 20,000 fingerling browns

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 53 56 59 65 73 81 88 88 83 73 59 53
Low 35 35 36 40 40 53 60 59 55 48 39 35

Open: During the winter months, the access road is closed from approximately September 24th to May 18th, depending on early or late snowfall. The boat speed limit is 5 m.p.h. Only 10 horsepower motors are permitted. Boating is allowed daily. The campground is open May 17th to September 23rd.

Fees: There is a fee for camping and for pets.

Facilities: The reservoir is used mainly for paddling, fishing and swimming for those individuals who are brave enough to plunge into the reservoir’s ice-cold water. There is a sThe Best Places to Kayak in California Guide Bookwimming beach at the Vista picnic area. It is advisable to wear a wet suit when windsurfing. NOTE: The rural winding access roads in this area are often closed due to forest fires. Check with the Georgetown Ranger Station before traveling to this area to see if there are any road closures due to forest fires.




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