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Utica Reservoir        

Photo Credit Jim Snyder

On warm summer days, you’ll find Utica Reservoir dotted with outdoor enthusiasts indulging in some of their favorite activities: picnicking beside rippling water, horseback riding and hiking along groomed trails, taking an invigorating splash-filled dip in the refreshing water, or pitching a tent for a night’s rest under the stars.  The reservoir's calm waters and light boating traffic make it a paddler's delight. There's no better way to explore this magical place than from the seat of a kayak or canoe.

The Utica Reservoir feeds to Union Reservoir located just south of Utica Reservoir. Utica and Union Reservoirs are small, picturesque reservoirs located off the Spicer Reservoir Road, about two miles off of Highway 4, near Bear Valley.

One thing Utica Reservoir has is an abundance of outstanding scenery – and people. If you’re looking for peace and relaxation, Utica Reservoir delivers on weekdays. Both Union and Utica Reservoirs are crowded in the summertime, especially on weekends. If you can choose a midweek day or off-season time to visit, the experience is more intimate.

Utica Reservoir is a paddling paradise (no powerboats allowed). The reservoir is small and can be easily paddled in a couple of hours, but it takes days to actually explore the seemingly endless hidden passages, breathtaking landscapes, colorful lily ponds, beautiful babbling brooks and secluded coves. Large rock islands protrude out of the water for as far as the eye can see, make this a unique paddling experience. For those who choose to cast a line into Utica Reservoir, trout may be your only catch of the day. If kayak fishing is your game, the reservoir offers limited fishing opportunities. The Department of Fish and Game has not stocked the reservoir as of 2009. 

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