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Lake Clementine Kayaking  
Photo Credit  Cheryl Wood


Boat-in Camping at Lake Clementine

Lake Clementine lies at the bottom of a deep valley layered with chaparral, mixed evergreens and cLake Clementine Kayaking ottonwood trees which flank both sides of this long and narrow lake. Steep hillsides loom up from the shoreline, shadowing Lake Clementine in the early morning and late afternoon.

Situated at 715’ feet elevation, in the bottom of a spectacular canyon northeast of Sacramento, Lake Clementine draws thousands of visitors each year. It offers premium paddling opportunities through a narrow winding canyon along its eight miles of navigable waters and shoreline. With the exception of a three mile area, most of the lake is limited by 5 m.p.h. no wake zones.

Lake Clementine boasts incredible views, calm water, rolling hillsides, and myriad recreational opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Lake Clementine features fantastic opportunities for boating, hiking, fishing and boat-in camping. The lake itself is packed with things to do, from fishing to swimming to lakeside picnics, so whatever your preference is, you're sure to find something enjoyable to do. You may want to begin with a hike, photographing the lake from different angles. Or perhaps spending a couple of hours paddling out in the fresh air and surrounded by the beauty of nature will be enough of a prize in its own right.

The lake has a capacity of 14,700 acres, and a water surface area of 280 acres. It is approximately 3.5 miles long and has steep canyon walls The lake offers year-round kayaking, hiking, and fishing, but it is most visited in the summertime. However, the spring, fall, and winter seasons offer a more tranquil atmosphere.

Kayaking Lake Clementine’s sparkling waters is truly the best way to explore this peaceful haven, giving you ample opportunity to catch a rare moment observing the diverse wildlife that makes their home here.

Easy access makes this canyon lake a superb retreat to enjoy Sierra Foothills wildlife. Wildlife lovers can often spot deer, gray foxes, rabbits, coyotes, black-tailed deer, ground squirrels, raccoons, and wild turkeys feeding along the shoreline. Mountain lions and bobcats can also be seen roaming the area. The area is home to ducks, scrub jays, quails, wrens and towhees. Kingfishers, grebes and gulls are often sighted near the water and red-tailed hawks, kestrels and eagles can be seen soaring overhead.

TLake Clementine Kayaking here are two sections of Lake Clementine: the lower and upper area. The lower area is for power boats, jet and water skiers. There is a restriction to twenty-five boats on the lake at any time.

The upper area is quieter, with only canoes and kayaks allowed. The shoreline at the upper end of the lake is dotted with sandy beaches. Power boats are not permitted upstream past the regulatory buoy stating "No Power Boats". Only non-powered boats can be hand launched from the upper area. Driving down the loose gravel lake access road to the upper area can present a bit of a challenge. The upper lake access road is open only for the late spring through summer season.





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