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Dkayaking Jenskinson lakeuring low water level conditions, beginning about mid-July, a sandy shore rims the lake’s perimeter, offering numerous sandy beaches to relax upon. Several tiny islands protrude from the water’s surface.

A boat launch and marina are located near the parking lot. The main section of the lake is used primarily for fast moving watercraft. “The Narrows” area located on the northeastern arm has a 5 m.p.h. zone that is ideal for paddling, fishing and swimming. There is a small boat rental dock near the Stone Breaker boat launch in the “Narrows” area. It is best suited for small fishing boats. Boat, kayak and SUP paddle boat rentals are available May through September. At the entrance of Jenkinson Lake you’ll find a small store, restaurant, gasoline and fishing supplies.

The lake is open daily all year for boating from sunrise to sunset, weather permitting. The boat speed limit is 35 m.p.h. in the main lake, 5 m.p.h. within 200’ feet of any shoreline and 5 m.p.h. in restricted areas and in swimming zones.

Calm water and windless conditions make the morning hours the perfect time of day to paddle Jenkinson Lake. Gusty winds from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. are typical here during the summertime, which attracts many windsurfers and sailing enthusiasts. The summer daytime high air temperatures are in the 80s and low 90s, and in the 70s and 80s in the spring and fall.

Jenkinson Lake is a paddling paradise, offering fun, and relaxation for everyone. Choose for a day packed with excitement or opt for a leisurely afternoon, but always take a little time to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and the spring wildflowers bursting with color.

No matter what your pleasure, Jenkinson Lake offers something for everyone. Whether you choose to paddle or take a hike, you won't be disappointed. To further enjoy the blue skies and sparkling waters, visit one of the many other lakes in the area. Jenkinson Lake is an unforgettable memory that every outdoor lover deserves to savor at least once in a lifetime treasuring the moments while paddling and connecting with friends.


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