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kayaking bowman lake  Photo Credit Etsuko Stone

Bowman Lake, an Unspoiled Mountain Wonderland.

After a satisfying paddle you may want to take a dip in the refreshing water or take a camping Bowman Lake, Californiahike on one of the trails in the area. Mountain bikes are permitted on trails, and because this is not a state or national park, you can bring your dog. The rough lake access road presents a bit of a challenge to get here, which in turn reduces the amount of visitors, but the trailheads can get heavy use on weekends.

For those who want to stop by and try their luck, kayak fishing at Bowman Lake can be an extremely rewarding experience, and an excellent way to experience this scenic getaway. The serene atmosphere of this secluded lake, located deep within the Tahoe National Forest, can provide superb kayak fishing opportunities on usually calm and placid water. In the beginning of the year, just as the snow pack melts, is the ideal time of year to land a big brown trout. If you're an angler, you're going to love the visibility of Bowman Lake’s clear waters.

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Primitive camping in an unspoiled wooded area, with vault toilets, is available for the more adventuresome camper at Bowman Lake. You need to bring your own drinking water. Campfires are not permitted, but portable gas camping stoves are.

kayaking Bowman Lake, Northern California

Overall, if you're looking for a secluded getaway, Bowman Lake is the place to go, but once you turn off Highway 20 onto Bowman Lake Road, you need a high-clearance vehicle to navigate the rough road with large pot holes and protruding rocks. "It is important for people to know that Bowman can be reached several ways, all class II or class III dirt roads are involved. You can approach off of HWY 20 via Fuller Lake or you can approach from the other end via Hwy 89 then Henness Pass Road via Jackson Meadows. There is no easy or short approach." Marty Meading shares.

Remarkable aspects of this lake include the stunning array of scenic splendors, the peaceful atmosphere and the abundance of wildlife. You can see many animal species in the wooded area eating or drinking from the shoreline, if you slowly paddle up on them at sunrise.

Whether you want to experience wildlife, indulge in some spectacular photography opportunities, paddle the clear blue water, or simply relax and fish, Bowman Lake is the perfect retreat.

kayaking Bowman Lake


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