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Kayaking Big Lake and Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park
 Photo Credit  Cheryl Wood
  Gearing Up to Go Kayaking

Chris Walker shares, “sadly that's happened to my friend...all type 2 life jackets float you face down so when you are unconscious, like in your above scenario, the life jacket (that you can paddle in) guarantees drowning but makes it easy to find the body afterward...

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Kayaking in Cold Water 

"On a sunny afternoon in December, Karapet Aslanyan of Glendale found a kayak at the cabin he was renting on Big Bear Lake and decided to go for a paddle.

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Some kayak outings do not need much advance preparation. It is merely a matter of throwing your kayak and gear together if you are going for just the day. Multi-day trips, however, require more meticulous planning, sometimes even weeks in advance.

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Kayaking for the First Time

Kayaking is the ultimate outdoor activity to take part in with friends and family. It can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and is quickly gaining popularity throughout the state of California.

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Kayaking in a Group

“Whose responsibility is it for my safety while participating in a kayak group outing?” After giving the question a lot of thought, the answer I arrived at was; it is mine. I should not expect anyone to know what my paddling capabilities are, whether I am able to swim, paddle in gusty wind, or get back onto my kayak if I capsize.

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 How to Find A Kayaking Partner

One of the most important things after learning how to kayak, is finding is someone to kayak with. Aside from the obvious safety reasons, a kayak partner will keep you motivated, and most of all, be a friend to share with you the joy of paddling.

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Kayaking with your Dog

Kayaking has increased in popularity in the past several years. More recently, kayaking with your dog has sparked interest in many individuals. Some dogs are well trained, while others misbehave, which is why, it is not all that cut and dry, as to whether it is safe to kayak with a dog.

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How to take wildlife photography

Photographing from a kayak offers much more probability of catching a glimpse of wildlife. You can paddle almost soundlessly through the water. One of the advantages of photographing animals from a kayak is that you have a greater likelihood of getting close to them than by most other means.

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Kayak Sailing California Lakes

Paddling on a magnificent mountain lake, connecting with the wind and the spray of water coming off the bow, and the sense of harmony and thrill it brings, is kayak sailing at its finest. It’s what some people live and breathe for. Like riding the perfect wave, or enjoying a beautiful sunset. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Kyaking in the fog
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Bear Spray
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