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Going kayaking in Bear Country?  Smart paddlers always protect themselves in bear country with bear spray. Bear pepper spray deterrent is proven your best defense in stopping a bear attack. Remember to carry your bear pepper spray where it is accessible and know how to use it. You will be relying on your reflexes to help you get your spray deployed into the face of a charging bear. Always carry bear spray when ever you hike, paddle or camp in bear country, Bear Deterrent spray is designed to drive away bears in the event of an attack.

"The black bear is the only bear remaining in the wild in California. In spite of its name, this bear can be black, brown, cinnamon, to nearly blonde in color. Bears have an bear sprayexcellent sense of smell and will use their great strength to get at food where ever they can find it, including inside locked vehicles. They are very intelligent and habituate to successful methods of securing food very rapidly (such as identifying ice chests and backpacks, etc.)

Black Bear, while strong enough to easily harm or kill an adult human, are generally remarkably tolerant of humans and attacks are exceedingly rare. Nearly all human injuries in the Sierra from black bears have resulted from improper storage of food during camping (such as keeping food next to a pillow in the tent at night), or classic stupidities such as trying to feed bears by hand, or moving in very close to take a photograph.

There have been few, aberrant, documented cases in the United States of black bears stalking humans as prey. In this case, “playing dead”, is not an effective defense. The current wisdom for defending yourself in the very unlikely chance that you become the victim of any black bear attack is to FIGHT for all you are worth with any weapon at hand. Punching the bear’s sensitive nose, poking it in its eyes, kicking, hitting it with sticks, rocks, etc. have all been successful at fighting off an black bear.

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The idea is to let the bear know you are not “easy prey”, and if the bear feels that it runs the risk of becoming injured, it generally flees. Black bears can climb trees very well, trying to escape up a tree is not too effective, unless you get a head start and are wearing heavy boots that will offer some protection to your feet.", shared  Ron Cummings Former Bass Lake Ranger Sierra National Forest, U.S.D.A. Forest Service

Predatory Confrontations:
Any bear  that continues to approach, follow, disappear and reappear, or displays other stalking behaviors is acting in a predatory manner. Bears that attack you in your tent or confront you aggressively in your campsite or cooking area should also be considered a predatory threat.

If the bear  does not respond to aggressive actions such as yelling, throwing rocks and sticks, etc., you should be prepared to physically fight back if it attempts to make contact. If you have bear pepper spray, emit a deterring blast, preferably before the bear  is within twenty-five feet. This gives the animal time to divert its advance.





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