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Level of Experience: The level of experience is particularly important, especially when one partner is just starting out. Novice kayakers may, (and often unknowingly), participate in a challenging paddle before they have adequate experience, to try to accommodate a more advanced kayaker.

How to find a kayak partnerSafety: It may not necessarily be safer paddling with another person, especially if they are a novice kayaker, which increases the odds of encountering trouble with each additional novice participant with whom you paddle.

Personality and Judgment:  People who are a lot of fun in a social setting sometimes lack the experience, skills and good judgment to paddle with safely. Choose a partner carefully. At some point, you may need to rely on them to come to your aid. Determining a person’s sense of judgment may very well be the most important decision you make in choosing a kayaking partner.

So how can you increase your chances of finding a kayaking partner when the odds appear to be stacked against you?
Join a local kayaking club and attend club meetings, (and paddling outings) to meet other people. how to find a kayak partner

Unfortunately, many people forgo kayaking altogether, because of the difficulty in finding a compatible partner.

Whatever you do, don’t stop. Your best probability of meeting a paddling partner may be by chance, and you might find them kayaking at the same time and destination you are.


how to find a kayak partner




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