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  • Big River a Paddling Adventure of a Life Time
  • The Albion River, a Flat-water Paradise Kayakers Dream About
  • Paddling the Big River Unit of Mendocino Headlands State Park
  • Paddling the Lower Owens River!
  • Paddling Down the Russian River
  • Sacramento River Brannan Island State Recreation Area
  • Kayaking Through Riparian Oak Forests on the Cosumnes River
Rivers & Sloughs to Kayak and Canoe in California

  kayaking big river
  Kayaking Estero Amercano Preserve- 
  Kayaking Cosumnes RIver  
  Kayaking the Lower Feather RIver  
  kayak fishing Russian River  

Paddling Down the Russian River

Prepare for a wide variety of enjoyable adventures when you embark on a remarkable paddling journey down the Russian River in Sonoma County. ... (read more)

  kayaking the Albion RIver  
  Kayaking the Sacramento RIver  

Sacramento River Brannan Island State Recreation Area

Kayaking is one of most enjoyable pastimes on the Sacramento River, presenting you with the opportunity to view the river from its best vantage point, all the while enjoying a bit   (read more)  

  Mokelumne River Kayaking  

Kayaking the Serene Waters of Mokelumne River

Paddling a flat water river is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and is typically more peaceful than whitewater kayaking. It enables the paddler to take in the scenic views and wildlife . . (read more)

  Kaykig Lower Owens River  

For the nature lover in you, nothing parallels the panoramic views and remarkable Sierra sunsets of the Lower Owens River. Located in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, the picturesque Lower Owens River has been described as "California's latest paddling paradise.". (read more)

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