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  • Blue herons glide on gentle winds above the Albion River, against a backdrop of evergreens in the shadows of a dense forest.
  • The Big River Unit of Mendocino Headlands State Park is an extraordinary place of gentle tidal flows, mist-laden redwoods, and obscure marshes located in Mendocino County.
  • The expansive landscapes of the Elkhorn Slough are home to sea otters which are without a doubt the most popular animal at the slough.
  • Kayaking Walker Creek is the perfect combination of exercise and communing with nature.
  • The Noyo River Estuary is one of Mendocino County’s amazing paddling adventures!
  • Bodega Bay is tucked away in Sonoma County. Bodega Bay is a glittering emerald jewel in the heart of Northern California’s countryside.
  • The Mokelumne River run from the Fish Hatchery to Stillman L. Magee Park is a flat water paddler’s paradise on hot summer days, with its cool, refreshing water.
kayaking big river

The Big River Unit of Mendocino Headlands State Park is an extraordinary place of gentle tidal flows, mist-laden redwoods, and obscure marshes located in Mendocino County.

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Kayaking Estero Amercano Preserve- 

Begin or end your day with an inspiring sunrise or sunset as you paddle on the serene waters of the Estero Americano, while relishing the natural beauty that surrounds you. Explore the diverse natural wonders of 127-acres of the Estero Americano estuary that borders Sonoma and Marin Counties. 

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Kayaking Cosumnes RIver  

Northern California is a goldmine of spectacular paddling getaways, and the Cosumnes River is one of the best. Those who have experienced paddling this magical river count it among their most cherished memories.

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Kayaking the Lower Feather RIver

Prepare to spend hours of discovery paddling down the Feather River in the Great Central Valley, located 65 miles north of Sacramento. Paddlers come here to enjoy the peace and solitude away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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kayak fishing Russian River

Prepare for a wide variety of enjoyable adventures when you embark on a remarkable paddling journey down the Russian River in Sonoma County. From hiking through the magnificent redwood forests, to kayaking along the Russian River, to watching whales at the spectacular Sonoma Coast, the Russian River area has so much to experience and enjoy.

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 kayaking the Albion RIver

Osprey carve smooth circles in the blue sky, the sun above their shoulders revealing targets in the pools of still water below. Sunbeams shoot across breathtaking panoramas, casting random spotlights on trees and water.

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Kayaking the Sacramento RIver

Kayaking is one of most enjoyable pastimes on the Sacramento River, presenting you with the opportunity to view the river from its best vantage point, all the while enjoying a bit of peace and the option to stop wherever you choose for an impromptu dip in the refreshing water.

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Mokelumne River Kayaking

Paddling a flat water river is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and is typically more peaceful than whitewater kayaking. It enables the paddler to take in the scenic views and wildlife in its natural habitat.

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Kaykig Lower Owens River

For the nature lover in you, nothing parallels the panoramic views and remarkable Sierra sunsets of the Lower Owens River. Located in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, the picturesque Lower Owens River has been described as "California's latest paddling paradise."

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kayaking elkhorn slough
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