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kayaking SIlver Lake

The facilities at Gull Lake include a boat launch, a marina, a tackle shop, small boats and swimming. Windsurfing, jet and waterskiing are not permitted on Gull Lake, which reduces the amount of noise and boat congestion. Gull Lake Campground (a U.S. Forest Service Campground) is open from April 24th to October 31st. The campground is located a couple of blocks from Gull Lake.

Just a short distance from Gull Lake, further down on Highway 158, lies this small, crystal clear blue-water alpine lake. Special features of this sparkling cold-water lake are its Kayaking Grant Lakebreathtaking setting encircled by snow-capped mountain peaks.

Silver Lake is one of the four lakes located on the loop that offers sweeping panoramic views of rugged mountains. The lake usually offers calm water throughout the day due to the minimal disruption from the boat traffic and a 10 M.P.H. boat speed limit. This lake is ideal for novice paddlers who enjoy a short leisurely paddle and stunning scenery.

The Silver Lake Resort, located on Silver Lake, has 75 RV sites with flush toilets, water, showers, hookups, a boat launch, a general store, boat rentals, swimming, hiking and bicycling trails. During the weekends in the summertime, this lake can be crowded with sight-seers. Of the four lakes, on the June Lake Loop, Silver Lake is the busiest, and perhaps the prettiest, which may be due to the incredible view of the spectacular “Horse Tail” waterfall spurting out of the middle of a mountainside.

Grant Lake, the largest lake in the June Lake Loop, has an entirely different topography than the other three lakes along Highway 158. The landscape changes dramatically between the northern and southern ends of the lake. There’s a striking difference between the two. The southern half is my preference of the two. It has the appearance of a dense tall pine forest, whereas the northern half is more open and barren. Beginning paddlers may want to paddle only the southern half of the lake because the open northern side of the lake has a tendency to have windier conditions than the more sheltered southern section.

Grant Lake has a minimal amount of boat traffic and is often deserkayaking june lake loopted, unless there is a fishing contest. Jet and waterskiing are permitted on Grant Lake unlike the other three lakes on the June Lake Loop, which are too small. There are camping accommodations at the lake. The Grant Lake Campground has 72 tent or RV sites with little shade, flush and vault toilets, water, and showers.

The lakes are open daily for boating from the last weekend in April until mid-October, one-half hour before sunrise to sunset, weather permitting. The calm crystal morning water surface reflects the scenic surrounding view onto the water surface, but by the afternoon strong winds can disrupt the serenity of these peaceful havens. At night and in the early morning during the summer, and fall, the air temperature can get cold, often dropping below 40 degrees. Summertime air temperatures range between the 70s and 80s during the day. Paddling first thing as the sun rises is a bit nippy. You may want to wait until the sun has risen over the mountain peaks before you begin paddling or wear layered clothing until the air temperature warms up. kayaking silver lake

These four pristine alpine lakes are an ideal paddling retreat for individuals who enjoy paddling a series of small lakes. They are a great retreat to get away during the summer and fall months.

Each lake has its own uniqueness. Fishermen flock to Gull Lake for shoreline fishing access, whereas, Grant Lake, attracts water and jet skiers. For sunbathing try the sandy beaches of June Lake, or for sensational scenery, the “Horse Tail” waterfall seen from Silver Lake, draws many sight-seers. Whatever your activity, you don’t want to miss paddling these four outstanding paddling destinations.

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