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Paddling is not permitted when a National Weather Service Flood, small stream or thunderstorm watch or wKayaking the LA Riverarning has been issued for the affected watershed.

In order to protect endangered bird species, foot traffic is restricted to paved surfaces, except at the designated take-out trail. Fishing is allowed in the Elysian Valley River Recreation area along the banks, five feet up from the slope of the channel or from a boat. In the Sepulveda Basin River Recreation area, fishing is permitted from a or on the non-restricted banks. Fires, barbecues, smoking, alcohol, dogs, bicycles, and swimming are not allowed.

Public launch access is permitted from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, from sunrise to sunset daily. Non-motorized, steerable boats such as kayaks or canoes are permitted, but inner tubes, motorized watercraft and vessels are not allowed. You are required to wear a life jacket at all times while on the water.

Individuals can paddle free of charge, but groups require a permit which can be obtained for a fee from Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority 310-858-7272 Ext. 300

The put-in launch access at Elysian Valley River Recreation area is located at Fletcher Drive. The take-out is located at Steelhead Park. There is four-hour parking on Fletcher Drive. Hand launch access is south of construction barriers. Use only the designated areas to launch and unload. There aren’t any restroom facilities at the put-in or parking area. The closest restroom facilities are about a half mile up on Woodley Ave.

The put-in at the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area is located at Balboa Boulevard in the Sepulveda Basin, north of Victory Boulevard. The takeout is just west of Woodley Avenue. kayaking the LA River in Los Angeles COunty

You need to portage your kayak from the street parking to the put-in point, and to paddle with a companion so one person can stay with the gear, while the other takes the free shuttle back to Confluence Park parking area. One car can be parked at Confluence Park parking lot, adjacent to Home Depot. Be sure to bring along comfortable walking shoes and kayak wheels.

In the Elysian Valley, a loading area is located near the exit point on Riverside Drive at Oros Street where paddlers can load equipment back to their cars. Parking is also available downstream, adjacent to Confluence Park under the 2 freeway at Home Depot.

In the Sepulveda Basin, you can park your vehicles on Woodley Avenue and load your equipment there. There is a free parking lot adjacent to the put-in area on Balboa Boulevard. There is ample street parking on Woodley Avenue downstream near the end of the run. At the end of your trip, a free shuttle is available from Oso Park back to the Confluence Park parking area.

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The L.A. River is well worth a visit even during times of low water, as the striking, scenery is still visible and the plentiful wildlife even more likely to be near the water. So bring the binoculars and your camera: a superb paddling retreat awaits!

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