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The lake access road is closed during snow conditions. The campgrounds are usually open from Memorial Day to October 15th. Kayaking is allowed from mid-May to mid-October. Depending on snow conditions, the lake may open earlier

Loon Lake lies at an elevation of 6500 feet,with cold, crystal clear waters that make it a beautiful rPlace to kayak Loon Lakeetreat for paddlers. The lake has an exceptionally spectacular shoreline to explore, especially during low water levels. The lake’s water level drops significantly by the middle of the summer, allowing for plenty of pullout access locations along the shoreline to grab a bite to eat.

The lake’s water temperature is extremely cold year round. Swimming and windsurfing are not recommended without the use of a wet suit.

Launching at dawn into the sparkling clear water of Loon Lake can be a bit nippy until the sun rises over the towering trees. The climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean with warm, dry summers, and cold, wet winters. The air temperature is chilly first thing in the morning and at night. The daytime high summer air temperatures range between the high 70s to the low 90s and in the late spring and early fall, between the 70s and 80s. On occasion, thunderstorms occur in the summertime, and there is an abundance of snow in the wintertime.

The nearest general store is at Ice House Reservoir in the summertime, but in the wintertime, the nearest town with a general store is about a two hour drive away, in Pollock Pines. In winter, the Loon Lake Chalet is the focal point of the Loon Lake Winter Recreation Area, which offers many miles of backcountry skiing trails.

After a delightful, leisurely paddle, enjoy a hike on the numerous trails in the area. The warm granite rocks that line the lake are great for exploring. After setting up camp, relax and enjoy the beauty of this rugged wilderness, or soak inkayaking Loon Lake the sun in one the secluded inlets of this pristine alpine haven.

Whether you want to experience wildlife in the El Dorado National Forest, indulge in some spectacular kayak photography opportunities, play in the clear blue water, or simply relax by the campfire, Loon Lake is the spot for you. You will find endless outdoor activities to enjoy.

Loon Lake is a perfect location to visit for a weekend outing, or for a week long getaway. There are so many things to do, and the beauty of the area will leave you excited to come back again. Come prepared to enjoy thrilling paddling adventures and awe-inspiring scenery.Address:


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