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Kayaking Mamoth Lakes
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Paddling the Pristine Waters of Mammoth Lakes


If you prefer a peaceful paddle, a weekday excursion is your best choice. You’ll also have a better chance of finding a campsite, because camping at Mammoth Lakes is on a first-Kayaking Lake Mamie Mammoth Lakescome, first-served basis. The numerous day-use picnic areas along the shore are some of the prettiest you can imagine, and spending an afternoon here taking in the exquisite scenery is time well spent.

The lakes only allow small boats, which cuts down on the noise and boat congestion. Jet and waterskiing and swimming are not permitted on any of the lakes. The shaded campsite settings, ideal paddling conditions and sensational scenery are bound to make your visit here memorable.

You will find unexpected pleasure paddling these enticing alpine lakes in one of the most beautiful mountain settings you will ever paddle. Their outstanding beauty is a welcomed surprise. You cannot ask for a more perfect campsite or a more peaceful paddle, which will make your stay at Mammoth Lakes so enjoyable.

There is plenty to do around Mammoth Lakes in the summertime. The entire Inyo National Forest offers many recreational opportunities for hiking, camping, kayaking, SUP paddle boarding, canoeing and kayak fishing. The Mammoth Lakes area is also a popular mountain biking area in summer. Several ski resorts allow mountain biking in the summer, with the convenience of taking a lift back to the top.

kayaking Lake GeorgeIn addition to outstanding camping and paddling opportunities, this area offers an assortment of other outdoor recreational pursuits during all seasons. The season for paddling usually begins at the end of May and extends through October, depending on early or late snowfall. The daytime high air temperatures linger in the mid-70s to the mid-80s during the summer and drop into the 30s and 40s at night. This area receives an abundance of snow in the wintertime when the lake’s water surfaces are frozen over. The campgrounds are open from the beginning of June to the end of October, weather permitting.

Mammoth Lakes is an ideal retreat to enjoy breathtaking scenery, even if you’re just taking time to relax by a crackling fire or to cast your hook to catch a trophy size fish. Come kayak Mammoth Lakes and experience the irresistible calling of the High Sierras. From stunning lake views, to the camping and hiking, the Mammoth Lakes Basin has much to offer you and your entire family.

Whether you want to escape from the city for a while to enjoy the refreshing waters of Mammoth Lakes, or come to kayak, hike, or sit and observe nature's beauty, you’ll discover a relaxed way of life where time slows and worries vanish.

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Mammoth Lakes is sure to capture the hearts of all who paddle these natural wonders. There’s nothing that compares to the physical, visual and emotional sense of fulfillment of paddling a gorgeous alpine destination. Once you have, you’ll be hooked for life! It is truly a memorable experience.





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