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Photo Credit  Sam Mills

Lake Solano  A Paddler's Heaven


There are cherished treasures all around us, tucked in the most unexpected places. Lake Solano is one Kayaking Lake Solanoof those treasures. Many people have never heard of this stunning lake until they accidentally pass a sign that reads, “Lake Solano Regional Park” while driving on their way to Lake Berryessa. (There aren't many lakes within close proximity of the Bay Area that provide opportunities for camping, kayaking and fly fishing all at the same place. In fact, this is the only one.

It’s nearly impossible not to be drawn to Lake Solano’s breathtaking views of low rolling foothills, its diverse nature, and wildlife that make this an extraordinary paddling getaway for flat water kayak and canoe enthusiasts. Paddlers will find “seventh heaven” at Lake Solano as they explore the scenic coves around this long and narrow, 177 surface acre lake.

Lake Solano is on the Putah Creek on the boundary between Yolo and Solano County, at the base of the coastal foothills at the western edge of the Sacramento Valley. The lake

is formed by Putah Diversion Dam. It is the afterbay for Lake Berryessa, which is one of the more popular boating lakes in the Bay Area. It lies just west of the town of Winters, and offers an array of outdoor recreational opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, camping, fishing, picnicking, hiking, bicycling, bird watching and wildlife photography.

One of the best ways to start your visit at Lake Solano is in a kayak, drinking in the beauty and getting to know the layout of the lake. Exploring the lake by kayak is a peaceful experience. As you glide along the glassy water surface, leave your troubles behind, and soak in the spectacular scenery around you. The water tends to be very calm and can be surprisingly clear at times. The lake's pKayaking Lake Solanolacid surface is excellent for kayaking, and canoeing, but keep in mind the water is ice cold, and there’s a current at the upper end of the lake.

No motors on boats are permitted, so the lake is ideal for self-propelled watercraft. You can either paddle upstream under the bridge which will let you go up to the island, or paddle downstream to the diversion dam. It is a fantastic little lake to paddle around, inviting you to venture as far upstream as possible until you reach a slight current. The island right above Lake Solano provides some mild whitewater to run.



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