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Do all Life Jackets Ensure Your Safety?


That’s why it is vital to wear a lifejacket that turns the unconscious person’s face upward to avoid drowning. Unfortunately, most of the more comfortable life jackets will not turn Do all life jackets prevent you from drowning?an unconscious victim's face up, at least not consistently. What most life jackets will do is bring the person back up to the surface, which enables those nearby to bring the person to safety. Unfortunately, if no one is nearby to help the unconscious person, they usually drown.

What to look for when purchasing a life vest:
1. The life jacket needs to fit properly, and be securely fastened while you have it on. Otherwise, when a person falls into the water; the jacket slips off and the person sinks under the water while the jacket stays on the surface.
2. The life jacket needs to be buoyant enough to keep the weight of a person afloat.
3. The life jacket needs to keep a person afloat in water without any need of action from the wearer. and the life jacket needs to turn the unconscious person face upward to avoid drowning.
4. Bright colors help rescue personnel spot you.

Searching for the best life jacket may require a lot of time, but obtaining the right one will surely be worth your effort and money. Having the proper safety equipment will help ensure  that you have a safe and pleasurable time out on the water. Don’t be another statistic. Wear a life jacket at all times while out on the water

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