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Kayaking the Serene Waters of Mokelumne River


The put in from the Fish Hatchery, located at 25800 North McIntire Road in Clements, to the take out at Stikayaking Mokelumne RIverllman L. Magee Park on Mackville Road, are in the Lodi area. Arrive early though, because the parking lot fills up quickly in the summer months. You will need to have a ride in order to take you back to the put in at the Fish Hatchery so you can retrieve your vehicle. The paddle can be done in less than an hour if you paddle straight through.

There are shallow alcoves to explore in surprisingly clear water only a foot deep. Or you can find yourself a secluded fishing spot and soak some bait for stripers and steelhead, or throw some plastics for bass. The many trees that line the river provide much needed relief from the heat in the summertime.

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Come discover the Mokelumne River and enjoy a relaxing paddle while viewing native plants and wildlife! Watching the sun set at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is an unforgettable memory that every paddler deserves to savor at least once in a lifetime.

Kayaking Mokelumne River


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