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Steve Scherrer kayaker Photo by Dominick Lemarie
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Chris Walker shares, “sadly that's happened to my friend...all type 2 life jackets float you face down so when you are unconscious, like in your above scenario, the life jacket (that you can paddle in) guarantees drowning but makes it easy to find the body afterward...

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Kayaking Tenaya Lake

If a gorgeous setting is what you yearn for, there is no better place to be than paddling Tenaya Lake on a windless day, with water so still one can see flawless reflections of the majestic mountains. Surrounded by granite peaks on three sides, Tenaya Lake’s sparkling blue water and two-and-a-half miles of shoreline offer a short, leisurely paddle.

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Kayaking Mono Lake Wintertime  

Folsom Lake provides some of the best paddling experiences imaginable throughout its 75 shoreline miles. You’ll find sandy beaches and an endless supply of secluded coves, with water so clear you can see to the bottom.

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The dangers of kayaking in cold water

One of California’s most exceptional and exclusive state parks is Ahjumawi Lava Springs. The park is so secluded that it is very likely that you won’t encounter anyone. Less than 3000 people visit there a year.

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Lake Tahoe is a perfect example of the amazing paddling adventures you can find in Northern California. The mountainous landscape attracts the adventurous spirit and welcomes you to the ultimate paddling experience.

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Kayak into the Alaskan Wild

With a backdrop of windswept forests and jagged mountain peaks, this mile long lake reflects a tapestry of color onto its cool, clear waters. The moment you feast your eyes on Lundy Lake, you’ll realize you’ve found a paddler’s paradise.

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Articles Kayaking califonira lakes, Reservoirs, rivers, bays Harbors

Photographing from a kayak offers much more probability of catching a glimpse of wildlife. You can paddle almost soundlessly through the water. One of the advantages of photographing animals from a kayak is that you have a greater likelihood of getting close to them than by most other means.

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kayaking monterey bay

The most challenging part of planning a kayak excursion is deciding where to go.  If you’re ready for an open water paddling experience, kayaking is an exhilarating way to explore Monterey Bay offering an incredible perspective of marine wildlife and stunning coastal scenery.

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“Authorities say a kayaker suffered serious injuries after he was struck by a power boat. The New Hampshire State Police Marine Patrol says 57-year-old Craig Daniels of Derry was fishing when his kayak was struck broadside by a power boat.


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