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Photo Credit Lyrinda Synderman

Paddle Into The Alaskan Wild From Ketchikan to Wrangell


As six kayakers set out to explore Alaska’s rugged coastal landscape, they were Kayaking Alaskaprivileged to experience the raw power and spectacular beauty of the obscure mysteries that unfold in this wilderness land. Along with the sheer euphoria of paddling, the extraordinary scenery with its plentiful wildlife was the setting for an unforgettable kayaking experience.

This commanding and remote region embraces wildlife of the most majestic quality, including grizzly, brown and black bear, wolves, moose, bald and golden eagles and occasionally, orcas and humpback whales. But even more inviting are Alaska’s untouched waters, stunning mountain vistas and valleys that offer a sense of wonder to those willing to explore this vast wilderness territory.

Kayaking Alaska’s deep green waters can offer some of the most unspoiled, natural beauty you'll ever see, as you paddle along picturesque, crystal clear inlets of water found nowhere else in the world. Paddlers will witness sheer cliff walls rising hundreds of feet into the air. You can paddle around a maze of isolated forested islets that lie within a mile of the many shoreline inlets. The majority of this pristine wilderness is fringed by dense forests that are best explored up close, by kayak.

Few boat-in destinations in Alaska, or elsewhere in the world for that matter, rival the outstanding beauty from Ketchikan to Wrangell, where you can camp along the rugged shoreline on countless secluded islands. Kayaks were pulled ashore where the six pladdlers anchored for the night and camped under the stars during most of their adventure.

Paddle into the Alaskan WIld


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