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The campgrounds attract outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the choices and the lovely surroundings. Scattered around the reservoir are two family campgrounds, two group campgrounds at Shirttail Creek and Giant Gap Campgrounds, as well as picnicking at Manzanita Picnic ground. The campgrounds are usually open from late April to mid-October.

Across the lake is a boat ramp and a large, two-site group campground (Forbes Group Campground). Forbes is located on the Southeast side of Sugar Pine Reservoir. Each campsite accommodates approximately 50 people and comes with a large fire pit, center cooking and picnic table, piped water, vault toilets, and a central parking lot to accommodate recreational vehicles. A trail connects the two sites to the lake and boat launching. Reservations are required.

Bears are plentiful! Metal bear resistant food lockers are provided in each campsite. All food, beverages, and toiletries are required by law to be stored in provided food lockers. The inside dimensions of the food lockers are 36" deep, 43" wide, and 22" high. Violators will be cited. Camp at your own risk! By choosing to enter or camp at Sugar Pine Point State Park you assume the risk of personal injury or property damage caused by bears.

Like many lakes in California, Sugar Pine Reservoir can be crowded during the peak summer season. However, early Spring and Fall have a sharp decline in activity. The days are a bit shorter during these times of the year, but the early Spring season brings out the wildflowers.

The reservoir’s 10 m.p.h. boat speed limit deters the number of powerboat enthusiasts, though it is a popular summer destination for camping. Book your reservations in advance if you plan on camping here, especially on a holiday weekend.

No matter what your pleasure, Sugar Pine Reservoir offers something for everyone. Whether you choose to paddle, fish or hike, you won't be disappointed. Sugar Pine Reservoir is the perfect spot for your next paddling adventure!

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