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  • Top Boat-in Destinations in California!
  • Boat-in Camping Lake Clementine
  • Boat-in Camping Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe
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Boat-in camping invites you to enjoy the tranquility of a pristine lake where a waterfront campsite is guaranteed and a scenic view is likely. Boat-in camping can be the ultimate kayaking excursion. Kayaks give you access to exquisite shoreline camping spots that are otherwise difficult to reach. Boat-in camping on the shores of California's lakes offers the opportunity to get away from the crowds and allows you to enjoy true solitude. While many boat-in campsites are sought after, they will normally be less crowded than the lake’s main campgrounds.      

Boat-in campsites are accessible by boat only and are intended solely for primitive tent camping. There is usually no water, electricity or restroom facility available at the campsites. Campers are required to bring their own portable restroom and pack out any trash or waste. For that reason, many boat-in campsites only allow fully self-contained vessels. However, California has a handful of boat-in destinations that allow boat-in camping for kayaks.

Emerald Bay  - Photo Credit Cheryl Wood

One of the most pleasurable ways to experience boat-in camping is at Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay is among the most picturesque boat-in campgrounds in all of California. It features some of the most scenic shorelines in Lake Tahoe’s entire seventy-two mile perimeter. The bay is surrounded by towering evergreens, and rimmed by a sandy beach. It is known for its deep blue waters and beautiful rock formations, where you will be sure to discover ample photographic opportunities.

The boat-in campground is located on the north side of Emerald Bay, one-half mile east of Fannette Island, at the site of the old Emerald Bay Resort. Fannette Island is located in the bay on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, on the north end of Emerald Bay State Park. It can only be accessed by boat. There is no road access to the campground.

The boat-in campsite, just a few feet from the water's edge, is becoming increasingly popular with kayakers. Not too long ago, campsites were only available on a first-come, first-served basis. If the fast-moving boaters arrived first, as they often did, kayakers were out of luck. Now that reservations are accepted, paddlers can make their way there, knowing ahead of time that they will have a campsite reserved to pitch their tent.

The 22 boat-in campsites with restrooms and water lie nestled among the soaring conifers alongside the shore. The solitary dock jutting out from of the shoreline is the only thing that divulges the campground’s whereabouts. With exceptional kayak fishing, awe-inspiring scenery, and ideal photographic opportunities, Emerald Bay boat-in camping has something to satisfy everyone. It can provide some of the finest boat-in camping experiences you will ever encounter in Northern California. It's a perfect choice for your next paddling excursion. (read more)




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