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The boat speed limit is 40 m.p.h. during the day and 5 m.p.h. at night and in restricted areas. Dogs are not allowed on boats, along the lake or in the campground at Lake Clementine. There’s a small marina where fuel and ice are sold. The parking area is limited to 25 trailers, 15 of which are reserved for campsites. There have been improvements to the restroom and parking area in recent years, but the winding lake access road is still in need of repair. The access road to the lower area is very steep and narrow. Trailers over 24' are not advised. Due to the narrowness of the canyon, towed inflatables are not allowed on the lake.Kayak Sailing California Lakes

The risk of capsizing is high when kayak sailing in strong, gusty winds. Practicing reentry is essential, because very few people can roll a kayak with a sail attached. If you capsize during strong wind conditions, it is imperative that you maintain a tight grip on both your kayak and paddle. The wind can quickly blow away your kayak and/or paddle faster than you can swim after it. A paddle leash, connecting paddle and kayak, is highly recommended.

Before departing, always check the weather forecast for the area to which you will be traveling Because the wind tends to be predictable, it normally increases in intensity beginning around 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. and diminishes by early evening. The wind generally comes from the northwest, but one should be prepared for wind blowing from any direction. Kayak sailing is primarily a downwind experience, so don’t forget you may have a headwind to contend with on the way back in.

When the wind is blowing 20 m.p.h. or more, it becomes more challenging to keep the sail trim. If the wind become too severe, let the sail luff to avoid capsizing, or pull ashore and wait for the wind to die down. Use extreme caution kayak sailing on lakes known for high wind conditions. San Luis Reservoir, Eagle Lake, Lopez Lake, Silverwood Lake and Mono Lake are a few of the lakes in California that are known for severe wind conditions.

Launching in gusty wind conditions can be challenging. However, you can prevent tipping by leaning your upper body towards the side of the kayak that the wind is coming from.

kayak sailsDuring high wind conditions, use caution when kayak sailing on lakes with hidden water hazards. It can be like playing Russian roulette with submerged tree stumps littered thickly at times along your path.

Kayak sails offer a wider variety of options for your kayaking enjoyment. Whether it is a day outing just for the joy of zipping along downwind with 15 knots behind you or a slow mellow sail across the lake, with a little knowledge and practice, kayak sailing can add a whole new dimension to kayaking. With the wind and paddling combined, the result is exhilarating! If sailing is fun for you, then kayak sailing will suit you. Kayak sailing is an enjoyable sport, for people of all ages. If you have never given it a try before, you’ll be glad once you do! Whether it is tackling the swirling winds or gently paddling through glass-like waters, the experiences and memories of kayak sailing will ensure that you’ll find an excuse to do it again and again.

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