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Surrounded by crystalline water and low rolling foothills, it's nearly impossible not to be drawn to Lake Berryessa’s stunning views, diverse nature, and wildlife that make the 26 Lake Berryessa Kayaking and Canoeing, Sup Boarding 1miles long by 3 miles wide lake an extraordinary paddling get-a-way.

Outstanding paddling opportunities can be found throughout this gigantic lake, located just north of Napa Valley, in beautiful wine country, at an elevation of 440 feet. Lake Berryessa is one of the largest manmade lakes in California and is the largest lake in Napa County.

Beautiful oak, Manzanita and cottonwood trees cover the coastal foothills that surround this huge 21,000 surface acre lake, situated on the Putah Creek. Lake Berryessa offers kayakers a good dose of paddling adventures, due to the lake's peaceful setting and pleasant year-round temperature. The hot temperatures in the summer make it perfect for water sports, fishing, camping, wildlife viewing, or just simply sitting back and releasing the cares of the day as you glide along the lake’s glassy waters. Brilliant sunrises and sunsets, incredible sunny days, and hours exploring secluded coves on the water are just a few of the many pleasures this lake has to offer.

Nestled between Blue Ridge and Cedar Roughs, and just east of the Napa Valley, Lake Berryessa is a popular recreation destination for over a million visitors each year.

Kayaking is becoming one of Lake Berryessa's most enjoyable diversions, providing you with the opportunity to view the lake from its best vantage point, all the while enjoying the option to spontaneously swim or picnic wherever you choose to. As you paddle your way around the lake's snaking 165 miles of shoreline, keep on the lookout for the migrating or nesting birds that are most populous in early spring and late fall, but present almost year round. 

Bird watching and wildlife viewing are first-rate. Ideal bird watching opportunities are best in the early spring and late fall during migration and nesting seasons. Sightings of eagles, hawks, songbirds, wild turkeys, Canada geese, pelicans, great blue herons, western grebes, wood ducks, snow geese, and loons are common. Less common sightings include pileated woodpeckers and peregrine falcons. Wildlife feeding along the shoreline may include deer, coyote, bobcat, skunk and grey fox.

The lake’s enormous size need not prevent you from having a pleasurable paddling experience, thanks to the numerous boat launch locations, which allow you to paddle this enormous lake by sections at a time. Or you can rent a houseboat and drop anchor at several of the lake’s scenic arms, providing of course, you have the time for an extended stay. The arms located on the southwestern shore provide an abundance of secluded inlets to explore, which offer protection from the wind and fast-moving powerboats. Pleasure Cove Marina operates from the south end of the lake just off Highway 128, and provides houseboat rentals, marina services and a campground facility.

Kayakers spending time at Berryessa Lake can expect to find other off-water activities in the surrounding area. It's about 45 minutes away from major cities or towns, so bring everything you'll need for your trip, as supplies will be limited nearby.

For thLake Berryessa Kayaking and Canoeing, Sup Boarding ose whose perfect kayak getaway includes dropping a line and hook, a variety of fish can be found here, including rainbow and brown trout, catfish, crappie, bluegill, and silver salmon. Lake Berryessa is said to have some of the best fishing in the state, and no matter when you visit, something is always in season. Even though it doesn’t get much in the way of fishing traffic, it does draw jet and water-skiers and windsurfers, who tend to stay near the main body of water.

With pleasant air temperatures throughout the year, Lake Berryessa offers superb year-round kayaking, canoeing, kayak angling, and SUP paddling prospects. This low elevation coastal lake has comfortable weather through all four seasons, and is open year-round, 24 hours a day, with running lights at night.

The daytime high air temperatures average in the mid-80s in the summer, in the low 70s in the spring and fall and in the mid-50s in the winter. Water temperature in the summer can reach a comfortable 75 degrees, making Lake Berryessa perfect for water sports.


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