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SUP boarding Lake Tahoe
Photo Credit Patty Robbins

Standup paddleboards allow you to explore the Lake Tahoe coastline at your own pace. You can paddle along the North Shore from King's Beach to Tahoe City or to Crystal Bay in Incline Village, Nevada. Crystal Bay features natural hot springs and gigantic boulder mazesSUP Boarding Lake Tahoe along the California and Nevada borders. This four mile round trip takes about two and a half hours.

 Kings Beach State Recreation Area, located on Highway 28, provides enclosed barbeque pits, shaded picnic tables, restrooms and soft sands, which make King's Beach a great SUP spot. Since the water is shallow and has little circulation the majority of the time, the sun heats the water up. There are kayaks, paddleboards, and other water equipment for rent on the beach, offering plenty of fun with added convenience! Arrive early to get a good parking spot.

If you launch from D.L. Bliss State Park, you can paddle north towards Meeks Bay or south to Emerald Bay. The southern route offers a more scenic shoreline, with water so blue that it doesn’t seem real.

D.L. Bliss State Park is situated between the north and south shore. It easily qualifies as one of California’s most beautiful parks. You will be able to explore the rocks near the shore, and the views down into the waters are sure to provide ample photographic opportunities.

During peak summer months, the parking lot is often full at D.L. Bliss State Park and at Lester Beach. On a week day you’ll have better luck finding a parking spot. Vehicles cannot enter D.L. Bliss State Park when the gate is closed. The road ends at Lester Beach, with day parking and an easy walk to the shoreline to hand launch your SUP board.

By the sandy beaches at Meeks Bay, the crystal blue water lies in a sunny, sheltered area, making it some of the warmest water in the basin. There is a boat launch access, sandy beach, restrooms, and picnic facilities. Meeks Bay is located on Highway 89, 10 miles south of Tahoe City,

Timber Cove also offers a pleasant area to paddle, but is a little less than "pristine" due to its central location. It is one of the most popular locations to SUP paddle, especially for first-timers.

On Lake Tahoe's northeast shore, Sand Harbor provides picnic facilities, restrooms, a sandy beach, boat launch access, and the scenic coves of Secret Harbor (which is a nude beach). The northeast shore offers stunning views that take your breath away.

Along the South shore is the Cave Rock launch access which allows you to explore the shoreline both to the south and to the north. The area to the north is especially inviting, with minimally developed shoreline and few people.

At Lake Tahoe, you will experience the perfect balance of recreation and relaxation that SUP paddling can provide during a quiet morning paddle, with the only sounds being the waves and the swirl of your paddle.

Whether you choose to venture off on your own or with an experienced SUP guide who can provide everything you need for an exciting SUP adventure, Lake Tahoe can offer some of the finest SUP paddling opportunities you will ever encounter. Discover the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe’s secluded beaches and scenic shoreline where diverse wildlife and spectacular vistas await you! It's a perfect choice for your next SUP excursion!




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