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Snuggled into the heart of the Sierra Nevada’s, Wrights Lake lies nestled in some of the Kayaking Wrights Lake most beautiful countryside in northern California. Sparkling like a sapphire jewel, Wrights Lake boasts beautiful views of majestic mountains and offers outdoor enthusiasts many options.

Wrights Lake is located off U.S. Hwy. 50, 22 miles east of Pollock Pines, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, at an elevation of 7000’. It is home to an assortment of animal life. If you’re a careful observer, you just might spot a bear, mountain lion, deer, or bald eagle sharing the habitat.

Wrights Lake is a popular destination for kayaking, canoeing and back-to-nature pursuits. Along with superb SUP paddling and kayaking, the area offers excellent camping, and kayak fishing opportunities.

Indulge in some aquatic fun and explore the lake's hidden nooks and crannies. Wrights Lake offers breathtaking scenery while paddling its calm waters. The rugged shoreline is best explored by canoe or kayak. As you'll soon discover, paddling around Wrights Lake’s perimeter offers more than just an opportunity to get your heart rate up.

If you plan to be paddling all day, pack a picnic and pick a spot to enjoy the blue skies, and awe-inspiring panoramic views. If you're lucky, you may even see one of the bald eagles that make their home at Wrights Lake. Or you can experience the fresh pine scented air, and nab some fish in the lake’s fertile waters while your troubles float away, as the lake’s cool waters gently rock you in rhythm with the swaying pines.

Fishing is a favorite pastime here. Kayak fishing enthusiasts delight in fishing for the rainbow and brown trout and bluegill that abound. After an invigorating paddle around Wrights Lake, kayak anglers can relax and cast their rods, hoping they bring home a monster trout they can tell stories about when they are back at work. Wrights Lake is an ideal destination for kayak anglers since no motors are permitted. Rainbow and brown trout swim Wrights Lake’s depths, and as you patrol the waters, bait your hook with your desired catch in mind. Rainbow and trout action is first-rate and a favorite for the enthusiastic angler. Year-to-year holdover rates are decent, which include a sprinkling of big brown trout. Anglers with hand launch boats can troll for rainbow trout and brown trout, with 10 to 12-inch class stocks of each.

Anglers focus mainly on the center of the lake. If you fish from a kayak you can reach the limit easily. Otherwise, you're lucky nabbing a couple of fish at peak times (morning and evening) casting from the shore, due to the shallow waters across most of the lake.

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 Hiking, bird watching and wildlife viewing are another highlight at Wrights Lake. It is also well-known for its horseback riding trails, of which there are several within five miles of the campground.

Wrights Lake Campground is adjacent to Desolation Wilderness, and is a popular starting point for hikers wishing to explore the secluded wilderness area. Permits are required for day and overnight use of Desolation Wilderness. Various hiking trailheads, including Bloodsucker, Rockbound and Twin Lakes trails, provide access to this pristine hiking destination.

All in all, Wrights Lake is an outstanding outdoor wonderland. In addition to being a superb kayaking and canoeing destination, there is also a number of other close-by, terrific paddling retreats you don't want to miss. Be sure to allow yourself at least a week to take in all of the paddling opportunities in this area. Camping near the water offers a rare treat for park visitors. Many campsites have a view of the lake, but only a few that are tucked in among the boulders offer any privacy. The campsites are nestled in the timber belt, close to the lake shore. This is a popular camping and paddling destination, so book your reservations 6 months in advance due to the limited number of campsites available.


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