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The campground and lake are usually open between late June and mid-October. These dates are variable depending on snow conditions. In a normal snow year, the season generally runs from early July to mid-October. During the winter the lake is inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. Boating is allowed seven days a week, from sunrise to sunset.

kayaking wrights lakeThere is a fee to camp. An extra vehicle fee will be collected at the campground. The fee includes two vehicles per site for family sites, and four vehicles per site for double sites and equestrian sites.

The lake offers a small launch access, swimming, picnicking, fishing, hiking trails, and primitive camping. The area has a lot of thunderstorms in the summertime, and has an abundance of snow in the wintertime.

Kayakers can enjoy the calm of the lake’s waters without being disturbed by the sound of jet skis and powerboats. Motor or electric engines watercraft are not permitted on the lake.

A paddling outing at Wrights Lake will leave you feeling satisfied, rested and wanting more. Offering respite and harkening back to a simpler time, Wrights Lake lures paddlers to its clean, clear water. With so many options for exciting adventures on or near the lake, you won't be disappointed.

If any of these fit your vision of perfection, then Wrights Lake should be on your list of places to paddle. Paddling here will most likely be the most pleasurable thing you've done in a long while. Your days will be as packed as you want them to be. So prepare yourself for lots of sun, fun, and a whole lot of the great outdoors.

Kayaking Wrights Lake



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