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Blue green algae has been detected in 49 California lakes or waterways so far this year,  (2017) (Click on link above for complete list.)   Last Update 8-9-2017

Blue-green algae are natural organisms that are present in most lakes. Certain conditions  such as low water levels, limited water circulation, increased heat and light, among other factors, can cause the algae to bloom and, in some cases, release toxins.

The most common toxins in the algae are Anatoxin-A, a neurotoxin, and Microcystin, which affects the liver. Scientists do not know what causes the algae to become toxic.

How dangerous is toxic blue green algae?

Exposure to toxic algae, either through ingestion or skin contact, can cause rashes, skin and eye irritation, allergic reactions, gastrointestinal problems or, at high doses, serious illness or death, according to the California Department of Public Health. Several dog deaths around the state have been attributed to toxic algae poisoning in the past two years.

If toxic algae touches your skin, or you accidentally inhale or swallow water containing the toxin during recreation, you could get a rash or an allergic reaction, or develop gastrointestinal problems. The long-term effects of these exposures are not well known, but children and pets are at greatest risk. Dogs can be exposed to particularly high levels of toxins by licking blue green algae off their fur after a swim.

  • Keep pets away from the water.
  • Fish should be rinsed in tap water and the guts discarded.

  • Do not swim in bodies of water with toxic algae.

Click here for updated information where are freshwater harmful algal blooms occurring in California . Below are a list of lakes with blue green algow, and the date it was last observed. featured on this web site, and in the guide.

Name Of Location  Last Date Blue Green Algae Observed 
Copco Lake   6-27-2017
Iron Gate Reservoir   7-18 2017
Lake Chabot   8-5-2016
Lake del Valle   4-14-2016
Lake Cachuma   4-22-2017
San Anyonio Lake   6-26-2017
Pyramid Lake (Gorman)   6-20-2017
Black Butte Lake   6-9-2017
Clear Lake   7-8-2017
Discovery Bay Newport   6-19-2017
Folsom Lake   7- 18 2017
Lake Isabella   6-7-2017
Lake Britton   6-21-2017
Lake Elsinore   3-2-2017
Lower and Upper Blue Lakes   5-14-2017
O'Neil Forebay   6-21-2017
San Joaquin Reservoir   7-11-2016
San Luis Reservoir   5-23-2017
Shasta Lake   8-24-2016
Lake Gregory   7-27-2017
Silverwood Lake   7-5-2017
Salton Sea   2-17-2017




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