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Water Level Capacity
California's Lakes and Reservoir as of 4-1-2018

Alamitos Bay - Good
Albion River
Almanor, Lake 
Alpine Lake -
Amador, Lake - 95%
American River
Anderson Lake  -
Antelope Lake 96%
Arcata Bay  Good
Angel Island- Good
Aqua Hedionda Lag.Good

Balboa, Lake

Barrett Lake 35%
Bass Lake -
Baum Lake
Benbow Lake-Closed
Berryessa, Lake -
Bethany Reservoir -
Big Bear Lake -
Big Lagoon- Good
Big Lake -
Big Reservoir
Big River
Black Butte Lake 26%
Blue Lake - Nevada City
Blue Lakes-Carson Pass
Blue Lakes-Lake Cty-
Blue Lake -Lassen County
Boca Reservoir-
Bodega Bay
Bowman Lake
Bridgeport Reservoir - 33%
Britton, Lake
Bucks Lake -
Butt Valley Reservoir
Butte Lake  

Cabrillo Beach -Good
Cachuma Lake 38%
Calero Reservoir-Closed
Camanche, Lake 81%
Camp Far West Res.-
Caples Lake-
Cascade Lake
Casitas, Lake 43..8%
Castaic Lake 89%
Castaic Lagoon
Castle Lake
Chabot, Lake
Channel Island Har.-Good
Cherry Lake
Clear Lake - Modoc County
Clear Lake
Clementine, Lake
Collins Lake -
Cosumnes River
Convict Lake -
Copco Lake-
Courtright Reservoir
Coyote Lake -
Crowley Lake -
Crystal Lake
Cuyamaca Lake  30%

Dana Point Harbor -Good
Davis, Lake  92%
Del Valle, Lake -
Diamond Valley  49%
Don Pedro Lake 88%
Donner Lake 53%

Eagle Lake
Earl, Lake
East Park Reservoir-
Eastman Lake 59%
Echo Lakes -
El Capitan Lake 24%
Elizabeth Lake- low
Elsinore, Lake -
Englebright Res. 96%
Estero Americano
Evans, Lake  

Fall River Lake -
Fallen Leaf Lake -
Faucherie Lake
Fay Slough-
Feather River
Florence Lake -
Folsom Lake 84%
Frenchman Res. 90%
French Meadows Reservoir
Fresh Water Slough-

George, Lake -
Gold Lake
Goose Lake
Goose Lake - Modoc County
Grant Lake -
Green Valley Lake
Gregory, Lake -
Gull Lake  -
Haven Lake
Hell Hole Res.
Hemet Lake
Hennessey Lake
Hensley Lake 24%
Highland Lakes
Hodges, Lake 50%
Hookton Slough
Huges, Lake - Really low
Humboldt Bay  Good
Huntington Harbor Good
Huntington Lake
Ice House Res. 76%
Indian Creek Reservoir
Indian Valley Res. 77%
Iron Canyon Reservoir
Iron Gate Reservoir
Irvine Lake - Low
Isabella, Lake 30%

Jackson Meadows Reservoir
Jenkinson Lake- 100%
June Lake - Good
Juniper Lake

Klamath River
Kaweah, Lake 16%
Kelly Lake
Kerckhoff Reservoir
Keswick Reservoir  86%
Kidd Lake
King Harbor Good
Kirkwood Lake

Lafayette Reservoir
Laguna d e Santa Rosa
Lake Valley Reservoir
LA River
Lewiston Lake 94%
Little Grass Valley Reservoir
Loch Lomond
Lodi Lake
Loon Lake  71%
Lopez Lake- 52.4%
Los Banos Creek Reservoir
Lower Bear River Reservoir
Lower Klamath Lake
Lower Otay Lake 78.1%
Lower Owens River
Lower Salmon Lake
Lower Sardine Lake
Lundy Lake -

Mad RIver Slough

Mamie, Lake
Mammoth Pool Reservoir
Manzanita, Lake
Marina del Rey Harbor
Mary, Lake -
McCloud, Lake
McClure, Lake - 81%
McSwain, Lake
Medicine Lake
Mendocino, Lake 50%
Merced River -
Millerton Lake 78%
Ming Lake -
Miramar, Lake  83%
Mission Bay - Good
Modesto Reservoir
Mokelumne River
Mono Lake -
Monterey Bay
Morena, Lake 7.5%
Morro Bay
Mountain Meadows Reservoir -
Murray, Lake 87.7%

Nacimiento, Lake 56%
Napa River
Natoma, Lake - Good
Navarro River
New Bullards Bar 80%
New Hogan Lake 50 %
New Melones Lake 84%
Newport Harbor Good
North Lake -
Noyo River

Oceanside Harbor Good
O'Neil Forebay
Oroville, Lake  60%

Packer Lake
Pardee Reservoir 99%
Perris, Lake 66%
Petaluma RIver
Pillsbury, Lake
Pineflat Lake 52%
Piru, Lake 25%
Prosser Creek Reservoir-
Puddingstone Reservoir
Pyramid Lake 92%

Red Lake
Redinger Lake
Richardson Bay
Rock Creek Lake -
Rollins Lake
Round Valley Reservoir
Russian River
Ruth Lake

Sabrina Lake- Really
Sacramento River  
Salton Sea
San Antonio Lake 36%
San Diego Harbor - Good
San Francisco Bay  Good
San Joaquin River -
San Justo Reservoir - Closed
San Luis Res. 87%
San Pablo Bay - Good
San Pablo Reservoir
San Vicente Res. 75
Santa Barbara Harbor N/A
Santa Cruz Harbor N/A
Santa fe Dam
Santa Margarita Lake 94.9%
Scotts Flat Reservoir
Serene Lakes
Shasta Lake  86%
Shastina, Lake -
Shaver Lake -
Silver Lake-Bucks Lake
Silver Lake-Carson Pass - Good Silver Lake - June Lakes Loop
Silverwood   Lake - Good
Siskiyou, Lake  -
Skinner, Lake 72%
Slab Creek Reservoir
Sly Creek Reservoir  
Smith Lake
Snag Lake
Snake Lake
Solano, Lake
Sonoma Lake 54%
South Lake -
Spaulding Lake
Spcer Meadows Reservoir
Stampede Res. 91%
Stone Lagoon
Stony Gorge Reservoir
Stumpy Meadows Reservoir
Success Lake  20%
Sugar Pine Reservoir
Suisun Bay Good
Sutherland Lake 45.5%

Tahoe, Lake -
Talawa, Lake
Tenya Lake
Thomas Edison Lake -
Tomales Bay -
Topaz Lake -
Trinity Lake  75%
Tulloch Reservoir 84%
Turlock Lake -
Twin Lakes (Bridgeport)
Twin Lakes (Mammoth Lakes)

Union Reservoir
Union Valley 81%
Utica Reservoir -

Ventura Harbor -Good
Virginia Lakes

Ward Lake
Webb, Lake
Webber Lake
West Valley Res.
Whiskeytown Reservoir 86%
Wishon Reservoir -
Wohlford, Lake 31%
Woods Lake
Woodward Reservoir
Wrights Lake

Yosemite Lake

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