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Explore the natural wonders of 264 California’s flat water lakes, reservoirs, harbors, bays and slow moving rivers. From easy afternoon paddles to extended trips, Kayaking kayaking California's Flat WatersCalifornia Flat Waters takes canoeists and kayakers on journeys through the most spectacular landscapes in California. Kayaking California’s Flat Waters covers the diverse paddling opportunities in California.

Packed with valuable information, this comprehensive guide is a long-awaited treasure trove of insight into many of California’s little-known waters and popular paddling destinations. Logistical details help you find exactly the kind of excursion you seek, from easy day trips to longer, more challenging excursions. For each destination, you'll find detailed information on where to launch, distance, best time to go, points of interest, hazards, and much more.

California is abundant with scenic waterways that offer a diversity of paddling experiences for paddlers of all levels. Pine-lined shores, quiet coves and alpine lakes make this state a year-round paddler's paradise. This guide is a welcome resource for flat water paddling enthusiasts. Whether you want to paddle slow-moving rivers or glide across serene alpine lakes, this guide describes more than 264 paddling trips along California waterways. Detailed maps include launch accesses, marinas, campgrounds and restroom facilities. The full-color photos throughout will inspire you to pack up your gear and hit the road.

Guide Includes:                             

The e-book contains high quality, full-color photographs and maps of lake destinations, campground and reservation information, and:

  • Kayak Fishing
  • Color Photographs
  • Quick Reference Guide  
  • Top Ten List  for Northern, Central and Southern California
  • Miles of Shoreline
  • Lake Surface Acres
  • Paddle Comments 
  • Lake Facilities
  • Campground Facilities 
  •  Reservation Information
  • Weather Conditions 
  • Terrain Description 
  • Detailed Color Maps of Lake Destinations that   Show Launch Accesses and Campground Locations
  • Printable Pages


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