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Hello there.

Kayaking is my passion and Kayaking California’s Flat Waters is my life’s work, the culmination of 20 years of effort.  My mission is to continue to create the best paddler’s guide possible for California’s flat waters, so that others can enjoy the pleasure of paddling California’s quiet waters.

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How can you help?

To produce a guide of this caliber costs a daunting sum. I have created this beautiful guide entirely on my own, without any outside funding. But now I need your assistance. Your much needed support will provide crucial assistance to cover the ongoing costs of continually updating this demanding and time consuming project.

In addition to the extensive time commitment involved, the expenses that must be covered include the following:

• The camping, day use and launch fee expenses for 264 different destinations featured in the guide.
• The traveling expenses to 264 destinations: fuel, vehicle maintenance, food and lodging, etc.
• The production expenses: photography, graphic design, editing and writing, etc.

Any donation large or small would mean the world to me, and make it possible to complete this massive undertaking to provide the best paddler’s guide possible for California’s flat waters.

If you're one of the 100,000 visitors who benefit from the information on each month, please  help me embark on this journey  to take this already highly acclaimed guide to the next level and make it the most beautiful and informative resource available for California paddling enthusiasts.

Thank you for your support, at any level!
Janice L. Green


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