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Hookton Slough

 Photo Credit Phil Gutierrez DOA HUMBOLDT Kayak Club

Hookton Slough Canoe, Kayak, SUP & Kayak Fishing Information

Fishing is permitted in Humboldt Bay and tidal sloughs year round. A California fishing license is required to fish in Humboldt Bay, from the boat dock and from the Hookton Slough Trail.  Boat fishing is the preferred method for taking halibut, however the shore angler can also be productive.   Also, boat docks are open to fishing;

kayaking hookton Slough

An abumdance of species of fish inhabit Hookton Slough depending on season, time of day and tides.  The best time of day to fish is on an incoming tide, about two hours before the high tide. Halibut fishing season usually begins around April.  Kayak anglers  catch several species of fish including sharks, rays, jack smelt, greenling, starry flounder.

Areas separated from the bay by land, such as creeks and flooded areas behind levees, are closed to fishing. The Hookton Slough Trail is open to shore fishing; access to other areas is by boat.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 55 56 56 57 60 62 63 64 64 61 58 55
Low 41 42 44 48 51 53 53 53 51 48 44 41

Open: Boating and fishing are allowed year-round seven days a week.

Fees: There aren’t any day use or launch fees, but there is a fee for parking.





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