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Sea Cave Exploring, Hiking, Camping and Kayaking at
Santa Cruz Island, Channel Island National Park 

Paddling Beyond California's Borders

  Kayaking Down the Green River in Utah    

 Paddling Down the Green River in Utah, Through Labyrnth & Stillwater
A road trip to southern Utah provides superb paddling opportunities. The Green River begins at Flaming Gorge, located in the northeast corner of Utah.   (read more)

  Kayaking Alaska  

Paddle Into The Alaskan Wild From Ketchikan to Wrangell

As six kayakers set out to explore Alaska’s rugged coastal landscape, they were privileged to experience the raw power and spectacular beauty of the obscure mysteries that unfold in this wilderness land.  (read more)

  Kayaking Lake Powell  

A Kayak Excursion to Lake Powell Will Provide a Multitude of Treasured Memories

Lake Powell is located in one of Southern Utah's most picturesque red-rock desert areas and is said to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States. (read more) 

  kayaking santa cruz island   








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