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  Photo by Lyrinda Snyderman
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kayaking american river

It’s no surprise that paddling down the Lower American River has become a popular pastime for thousands of Californians. The Lower American River Watershed originates from Folsom Lake, which was created by the Folsom Dam.

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kayaking faucherie lake

Paddling at sunrise at Faucherie Lake is a magical experience, as the sun burns away the night sky and bathes the early morning landscape in a mystical glow. For many, autumn is the best time of year to paddle here. The trees have proudly displayed, and then quietly shed their colorful apparel.

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kayaking utica reservoir  

On warm summer days, you’ll find Utica Reservoir dotted with outdoor enthusiasts indulging in some of their favorite activities: picnicking beside rippling water, horseback riding and hiking along groomed trails, taking an invigorating splash-filled dip in the refreshing water, or pitching a tent for a night’s rest under the stars.

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For some, getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern life involves escaping to a 5 star hotel. But for others, it means paddling a peaceful lake nestled in unspoiled and pristine natural surroundings that appear as though they’ve remained untouched by mankind since the beginning of time.

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kayaking Ellery Lake

Not all of the highlights lie within Yosemite National Park. Ellery Lake is one of them. Ellery Lake is one of the most picturesque lakes situated outside the eastern entrance of Yosemite National Park on Highway 120.

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Got your camera ready? The Elkhorn Slough is a spectacular destination for wildlife photographers of all skill levels. The amount of wildlife in the Elkhorn Slough is staggering. You will be amazed at how many waterfowl, harbor seals, and sea otters there are as you paddle this enchanting waterway. 

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kayaking walker creek

With over 792 miles of coastline and boasting countless lakes, rivers, creeks, sloughs and estuaries, California is ripe for flat water kayaking opportunities. Among the most delectable is Walker Creek, located in western Marin County, in Northern California.

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kayaking Drakes Estero

Drake's Estero is one of California’s most pristine estuaries and home to some of the healthiest marine life in the area. The spectacular scenery and solitude of the 7,746 acre Drake Estero is experienced by kayakers from all parts of the country.

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kayaking Laguna de sants rosa

The Laguna de Santa Rosa offers a rare and unparalleled opportunity to view the diverse landscape of Sonoma County’s largest freshwater wetland by kayak. Gazing northeast beyond the Laguna de Santa Rosa, lies the Mayacamas Mountains nestled in the background.

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“What makes you think sharks don’t swim in the bay?” A Long Beach coastguard told me years ago, after I told him, the backend of my kayak was lifted out of the water, by a rather large, unidentifiable, critter swimming beneath my kayak, while paddling in Alamitos Bay.

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