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 Photo Credit  Sam Mills
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There are cherished treasures all around us, tucked in the most unexpected places. Lake Solano is one of those treasures. Many people have never heard of this stunning lake until they accidentally pass a sign that reads, “Lake Solano Regional Park” while driving on their way to Lake Berryessa.

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Bears relate to “bells” on hikers, as “dinner bells”…when they hear them ringing, they know dinner has arrived. The same applies to the sound of gunfire. All the bears have to do is find the carcass, the hunters shot, and dinner is served.

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Kayaking is one of most enjoyable pastimes on the Sacramento River, presenting you with the opportunity to view the river from its best vantage point, all the while enjoying a bit of peace and the option to stop wherever you choose for an impromptu dip in the refreshing water.

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 Kayaking Mammoth Lakes

Words cannot possibly begin to describe the beauty of Mammoth Lakes. Nestled against a backdrop of fragrant pines and majestic mountains, a more perfect paddling getaway could scarcely be imagined.

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Kayaking Russian RIver

Prepare for a wide variety of enjoyable adventures when you embark on a remarkable paddling journey down the Russian River in Sonoma County. From hiking through the magnificent redwood forests, to kayaking along the Russian River, to watching whales at the spectacular Sonoma Coast, the Russian River area has so much to experience and enjoy.

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 Kayaking the green river

A road trip to southern Utah provides superb paddling opportunities. The Green River begins at Flaming Gorge, located in the northeast corner of Utah. It then meanders through Dinosaur National Monument.

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kayaking Bowman Lake

Bowman Lake is a one-in-a-million place to paddle. Located in an unspoiled mountain wonderland, it is one of California’s premier flat water destinations, ideal for adventurous kayakers who enjoy paddling remote getaways.

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"Fire retardant is essentially ammonium-based fertilizer, which kills fish and aquatic insects and promotes the spread of noxious weeds. A misplaced retardant drop in 2003 killed 20,000 fish in a single stream. In 2008, the Forest Service reported 65 drops where retardant may have hurt a plant or animal protected by the federal Endangered Species Act."

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Want to step up your paddling adventures? Whether you kayak or canoe, consider paddling the L.A. River. The L.A. River is surrounded by natural beauty and easily accessible urban amenities, which makes it a perfect paddling getaway that delivers on its promises without having to leave the city.

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