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 Photo by Lyrinda Snyderman
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Osprey carve smooth circles in the blue sky, the sun above their shoulders revealing targets in the pools of still water below. Sunbeams shoot across breathtaking panoramas, casting random spotlights on trees and water.

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In the still of the night and quiet of the day, just as the sun sets, the sound of motorboats and jet skis die down, all you hear is an autumn leaf softly dancing in the breeze. It can be the ultimate kayaking excursion to paddle your way to the boat-in campsites at Emerald Bay.

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Kayaking has increased in popularity in the past several years. More recently, kayaking with your dog has sparked interest in many individuals. Some dogs are well trained, while others misbehave, which is why, it is not all that cut and dry, as to whether it is safe to kayak with a dog.

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The astonishing array of scenic splendor is a remarkable aspect of this unforgettably picturesque coastal lagoon. The lagoon is situated about seven miles north of Trinidad on the coast of Northern California, away from the hustle and bustle of civilization.

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Mono Lake is an amazing place to paddle. One can’t help but appreciate the lake’s harsh beauty while paddling upon its salty waters. The lake has a mystical quality; utterly barren, with a silent, prevailing stillness, with an exceptional beauty of its own. Surrounded by the high desert, the lake’s water breathes life into the desolate landscape of the Great Basin.

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Paddling on a magnificent mountain lake, connecting with the wind and the spray of water coming off the bow, and the sense of harmony and thrill it brings, is kayak sailing at its finest. It’s what some people live and breathe for. Like riding the perfect wave, or enjoying a beautiful sunset. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Rise with the sun to see a vast expanse of sky and the sparkle of autumn leaves reflected on the water. Glide past forested banks bursting with vibrant shades of fall foliage, laced with leaves changing to brilliant golden hues.

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One of the more peaceful ways to enjoy Lake Tahoe is by gliding through the cool, crystal clear water, discovering sandy beaches and secluded coves on a paddle board.

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The Big River Unit of Mendocino Headlands State Park is an extraordinary place of gentle tidal flows, mist-laden redwoods, and obscure marshes located in Mendocino County. Big River is 41.7 miles long. Its watershed covers an area of about 7,400 acres and comprises some of the best timber ground on the planet.

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