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  • Mono Lake is an amazing place to paddle.
  • One can’t help but appreciate the lake’s harsh beauty while paddling upon its salty waters.
  • The lake has a mystical quality; utterly barren, with a silent, prevailing stillness, with an exceptional beauty of its own.
  • Surrounded by the high desert, the lake’s water breathes life into the desolate landscape of the Great Basin.
  • Mono Lake may be one of the most memorable lakes you will ever paddle in the entire state of California
  • It lies on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where high alpine peaks descend rapidly in elevation to the Mono Basin.
  • Mono Lake is a massive body of water covering about 65 square miles, at 6383 feet above sea level, just east of Lee Vining.
  • The Mono Basin is accessed via Highway 395, which is one of the most scenic highways in Northern California.
Featured Destination: Mono Lake Photos by Jim Snyder
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